Monday, May 23, 2011

New Name Signs

I thought I would hope online real quick and show you two of the name signs I made this weekend.  This first one is for a cute little baby-to-be.  Her mommy's request was as much *bling* as possible without being too tacky :0)

She wanted all white flowers.  I used a daisy, two white rolled flowers, one smaller cream colored flower for some contrast, and a little silver netting to accent all the rhinestones.  

I really like this font. It looks darling with all the gems.  I brushed the whole project with a fabulous new glitter I found.  You can just stir it in with your paint!  For these name signs I stirred the glitter into the polyurethane before brushing it on.  Fabulous stuff!

This one I made for a friend to give as a gift.  And how sweet are these baby names while I am at it!  Layla and Oakley!  I bet they would be best friends if they ever met :0) 

The two signs are pretty much the same.  Same shape, same paint, same brush-on glitter.  I used a medium white daisy and tipped it with silver.  I used some colored rolled flowers for this sign, accented with pearls and other embellishments. 

So Sweet!
I am planning on making these for my own kids too.  It's about time, huh?  
That is how it goes around here.  If you are not a paying customer, you have to wait until the planets align and mom has a moment to spare :0)

Tomorrow I will show you the baby shower cake I made.  
Good Night!

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