Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More With Texture Paste

So, last week when I helped Christina make her cupcake bouquet for Prom, we barely had enough time to get everything made.  At one point when Christina had to run her son to an appointment, I ran in the garage and made this box used as the base.  I really wanted to emboss it with texture paste, but just didn't have enough time.  
I got my chance to do-over when Ashley asked me to bring a cupcake bouquet to her Singer Mother's Day Brunch.  Here is how you emboss with texture paste...
To start, I grabbed this stencil out of my stash and covered up any openings I didn't like in the design with masking tape.  I taped the stencil to the box so it would not move when working with the paste.
I bought this tube of green texture paste, called dimensional paint here, at Michael's Craft Store for $2.30 on clearance.  They also had red and yellow.  I normally use a white, but I really wanted to have the green color show through and I had already painted the box.  You can use the white, paint it a base color, top color, and sand, but this worked best for this situation.  
Anyway, squeeze out a blop onto they stencil just outside of your desired design.

Normally I use a putty knife to spread the paste, but since I put it in a location to make it easy to find....I can't find it.  I grabbed this weird metal plate out of our garage stash.  It worked just fine.  I have been known to use a popsicle stick in a pinch :0)  If it has a flat surface, it is usable!  You could even use your cookie spatula if you really wanted to! 
Drag whatever you are using across the stencil, pulling the paste across the openings.  If you end up with spots that didn't fill in all the way, just go back over the whole thing.  You need to be careful though!!!  If the stencil moves or bubbles up you could end up with paste underneath the stencil and that means MESS!
Worst case, just pull the stencil up, use a wet rag to wipe the paste off, and start again.  No biggie!

It should look something like this.  Carefully pull the stencil up and off!!!  Oh, how exciting!!!  Just looking at this makes me want to find something else to emboss!  I really have a hard time stopping once I start.  "No Vanessa, don't look around the room for something else to texture paste!!!"

OK, once you pull the stencil off, just the design should remain.  Leave it alone and let it dry.  It usually dries to the touch in 15 minutes or less.  You can go back at that point and add more leaves/vines/whatever, or you can move on and get out your paint!

Here it is after I ran a coat of white paint over top.

Once the paint is dry you can sand lightly!!!  Really, isn't there something else around here to texture paste!
I just don't think I can look at these pictures and not paste it up.

There you have it!  My embossed floral box.  I would have liked a swirly flourish design but I couldn't find the stencil I was looking for.  I guess it is time to bite the bullet and clean out the garage again.  It may have to wait just a little bit longer though.  I have more orders to fill and eventually I need to make Emmers a new sundress :0)  So many projects, so little time!

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