Monday, May 2, 2011

Satin Blooms

I crafted this luscious plum outfit for my little dolly this weekend.  It was all made from the one yard of floral ribbon fabric I purchased on Saturday.  I made the skirt in the same circle manner as in the past.  

Here is a closer look.  I had a little fun with my PSE actions this morning so here is a look at what the skirt looks like in full color...
This picture makes it look rather bright comparatively, but it is really a sweet plum color.

This fabric is soft and has a lovely shine to it.  While I admit it is a little over the top for the skirt, I am so very tempted to make a whole pile of purses and hats :0)  

I knew that Emmalee would not be a huge fan of the hat, so I made this hairbow out of 4" wide pearl lined lilac shear ribbon, 1/2" lilac satin ribbon, and flower branches from a hydrangea I bought a while back.  

Here is the hat.  I started out making it barre style, cut two circles the same size, cut the center out of one leaving a 2-3" outer circle.  Sew the two together and added a 2 1/5" band.  It ended up a little different than I was imagining, but none the less, I am totally enamored with it :0)
I actually can't wait to try another.

I didn't even try to get a picture when Emmalee got home from church yesterday.  Now-a-days, when I pull the camera out she runs in the other direction laughing.  It has become a sport between her and I, the fawn and the huntress :0)  Today, since she was in a rather good mood, I pulled out all the stops and bribed my babe with a cookie balla as fair trade for a few snapshots. With a willing heart she let me dress her back up and annoy her with my camera in her face yet again.  Wahoo!

As for the fabric, I bought it from my new favorite fabric store, SAS Fabric in Phoenix.  As a matter of fact, it was Ashley from Cute as A Fox that took me there the first time.  Now I must return every two weeks or sooner. Ashley, don't worry.  I didn't tell Scott it was you that started it all :0)
This fabric was only $12.49 a yard.  Wow you say?  Well, I managed to make this skirt, hat and am in the process of making a matching handbag :0)  I think it was totally worth it and don't tell me any one piece alone could have been purchased for the mere $12.49 I paid.  If you are ever in Phoenix, you will have to stop by SAS and check it out for yourself!


  1. I am in love, that is amazing. The hat with the skirt with her eyes are exquisite! :)

  2. This is totally amazing...She won't be able to walk down the street with out people commenting on her cute outfit....Not to mention her cute self!



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