Friday, June 24, 2011

Before I Leave Town

I have had a house full of visitors this past week. As a perfect ending to the visit, I decided to leave with them...My kids and I that is. That means tons of mini projects to finish up so we can take off and head for the cooler hills.
I am posting this a little late. I was aiming for Wed. as we left for Utah, but figured I had delayed the trip long enough.  I had an order for 100 cake pops come through Tuesday night.  Normal, sane people would say NO!  I said, "Well, if we make them we will have the money to eat at Los Hermanos in Provo (Sheepish grin aimed at my caker friend Wendi :0)  That pretty much sealed the deal.  No trip to Provo is complete without a trip to the BYU Creamery and, if you are in a splurgy mood, dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant from our college days, Los Hermanos

So, with a 12 hour drive ahead of us, bags almost packed, we set about making 100 cake pops...Oreo Cake Pops to be exact.  I lucked out that one more recent purchase from the cake supply store included red, white, and blue sprinkles.  We used them on one set of pops and drizzled blue and red on the other.  The pops were bagged two to a bag and ready to go in...don't want to say... a while.

There you have it!  A very rushed photo of all 50 bags of pops.  Now, hit the road!

No!  Wait!!!  I have one more thing to finish!!!

I nearly forgot about this cakepop stand order I started for one customer. Whew!  Lucky for Scott I remembered or he would have been forced to become the painter in the family while I basked in the sun :0)  The stands were painted blue bird blue underneath, then dark chocolate brown on top. The customer asked for them to be very there you go :0)
I really like them. This photo makes it look a little less marvelous than they are, but I was happy to finish none-the-less.

It ended up 112 degrees by the time we finished packing the cars.  Wendi and I both ended up sunburned from the experience unfortunately her more than I.  None of that matters now because we actually made it on our way.  
You should know that I am a vacation over-packer.  I am not talking about my suitcase, but about the tourism itinerary I choose to follow.  That is how I travel.  Ask Scott if he is a huge fan of my waking with the sun and going until it has long since gone to bed.  He really should have warned Wendi and her six kids about that particular flaw of mine :0)  Before the babbling continues due to mortal exhaustion, I will go, but be prepared to see more exciting travel the whole family sitting by the side of the road waiting for the princess potty to sound victory, coming up very soon!

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