Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Best Teacher EVER!

It was Eli's last day of school today.  He had the absolute best teacher EVER this year.  Not only was she a fabulous teacher, but she was also a fan of my crafts!!!  
(Either she was a fan of the crafts or she faked it well :0)
Anyway, while we were in Utah this past weekend I saw this Watermelon slice at The Wood Connection and had to make it for her.

I have talked about The Wood Connection many times and this visit was not a disappointment!  There were several crafts that must be made, but this watermelon was so cute I actually bought three.  Granny, my sister Kira and I all finished one after our Saturday morning brunch.  
Thanks again Granny for the FABULOUS food!

I made this quote block to go with the watermelon. Now I'm feeling a little dorky because I made the poem up myself.  I read it to Scott before posting and he said it was a little more "Hallmarky" than the stuff I usually do.  I guess I'm a little sentimental after leaving all our family this weekend than usually.  I just really wanted to let our fabulous teacher know how much I appreciate the time she spent away from her kids to teach mine :0)

I made these treats for Eli's class this morning.  My friend Ashley, from Cute As A Fox made some, but hers turned out much better.  I couldn't find any chocolate covered cookies that were square while we were on the road, so I bought some Lorna Doones and dipped them myself.  I cheated a little and just put a sour gummi worm on the top instead of making tassels.  I figured the kids would like them just as well.

I put the worm on while the chocolate was still wet and skipped the whole glue-them-on step 

One my way out of the classroom, as triumphant kids swarmed everywhere and paper airplanes whizzed past my ear, I snapped a shot of this sign on the wall.  
I need this sign in my house :0)


  1. The poem is beautiful... you did a great job and it spoke from the heart! I was at Wood Connection last week too... don't they have the cutest stuff!

  2. What awesome projects!!! I'm sure she was one happy teacher! Love the sign! And those grad pops look yummy!


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