Friday, June 17, 2011

"Reddi" for Summer Re-Cap

Well, I had a great time being a co-host for the "Reddi" for Fun Summer Cooking Class.
It was a crazy experience as it was my first text-based online show.  There were two fabulous hosts bringing up ideas and questions and 10 energetic co-hosts chatting about things all at once.  Though it was a wild ride, it was totally fun and incredibly informative.

They brought up many good points about how to involve your kids in the cooking process, how to make the experience educational, and how to keep things cool in the summertime.  

I came away with tons of new ideas and even a few yummy recipes.  
You can check out the re-cap at

Here are some of the recipes...


And for dessert... 

Thanks to and ConAgra Foods for letting me be a part of the "Reddi" for Summer Event!  Stop by to get some great ideas of your own to start cooking in the kitchen with your kids today! 

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