Saturday, June 11, 2011

CarSeat Cover

I spent the weekend making this car seat cover.  I went to great lengths a few months ago to take pictures all along the way while I made my friend Katherine's zebra striped car seat cover.  I just awaited the photos of darling little Isabelle in the car seat.  Well, Isabelle came down with RSV a week old and ended up back in the hospital.  With all the trauma I never did get that darling little girl in her car seat.  I will have to track her down now.   

Whatever the case, this weekend I got to make another.  I say "got" to be nice :0)  It totally stressed me out!
I took the existing car seat cover and made a pattern on craft paper.  Once that was done, I cut out the fabric and sewed the pieces back together.  IT KILLS ME  My first problem is bias tape.  I don't really know how to sew it on to make it look professional.  I am a perfectionist and this kind of thing really does throw me over the edge.  Making things like this for myself I can laugh at the mistakes and multi-directional stitching.  When I make them for other people, it isn't so funny :0) Second huge stresser, the canopy.  I still can't quite figure out how to put it together and not have one side all weird.  There may be something to say about my pattern-making abilities, but we will not go there today.

We couldn't have little man coming home in a pile of fluffy pink-ness so I bit my tongue and went to work.  All in all this cover came together nicely.  Please, no one remind me that I have about 4 more to make!!!  Yep, friends are coming running to my door now that they have seen the zebra striped cover floating around.
I will be a pro before long :0)

When I finished with the cover, I set to work on Girl's Camp surprises for the young women at church.  I will be back Monday to show you what I came up with.  I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!

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