Thursday, June 16, 2011

Playing with Elements 9

I had only a minute, but finally got to edit some of the photos I took of my new niece Sophie.
I think my all time favorite effect is to turn a photo black and white, then take the black and white back to about 65%.  You get this really sweet bit of color.  Not total black and white, and yet not too much color to make the photo distracting.

However, there is a lot to be said for straight black and white!
This photo wasn't the greatest, but after the B&W action and a little sharpening of the eye...WOW!
I am happy with it.

I have Photoshop Elements 9.  My sweet hubby bought it for me with his left-over tax return money after he build himself a new computer.  I was totally overwhelmed when I tried to use it the first dozen times, but after a few online tutorials, and the classes I took from Texas Chicks, it is really starting to make sense to me.  

Here is that black and white before...
Lots of baby acne, not quite the right angle, and a little too bright of glare from the window...

I used the spot healing tool to erase the acne, a Gaussian blur to soften the skin, and the Eye Dr. action from MCP to bring out the eyes (Best Action Investment EVER!)

Here is another Black and White turned soft color... 
Don't you just love those cute little lips!

How amazing is that picture!  I wish I was that cute :0{

I tried a couple looks.  The action used on this photo was FREE from Pioneer Woman.  It is my second favorite action next to the Eye Dr.  It is called Soft Faded and it is absolutely LOVELY!  I also used it on all these pics after I boosted the colors... 

One day I will get all three kids looking where they are supposed to.  I love this picture.  
It is representative of my life!  All three children headed in a totally different direction, not one listening to what exasperated mommy has to say :0) 
 Gotta love 'em! 

This picture, I don't remember exactly what I did...
but I did things in the wrong order and didn't know how to fix that shadow that appeared around the kids.  I like it anyway, I just couldn't find the layer it happened on so that I could fix it.  I think this was an experiment with many, many layers.  I think the overall effect was I did the boosted colors, did a couple actions like bullets from a pistol, then put a vintage layer on, but un-painted it from the kids.  Anyway, there is no right or wrong with photo editing, right?  It is all about personal taste and style, right?

This is a picture of Granny and Grandpa.
It is so fun to snap-snap away and see people's real light start shining in their eyes.  
The first response to a camera is that blank stare and forced grin, but after a little teasing, people forget that you are snapping pictures and that is when the real fun begins :0)

This picture is way at the top of my favorites too.  The texture and colors are more than I could have imagined myself capable of.  I think I had the exposure compensation set a little too high, but I can live with it.  I am FAR from professional, don't think I can even call my photography skills amateur yet, but it is sure fun to give things a try.

Still my favorite.
I used that Gaussian Blur to add softness to the skin.  
These children are not as heavenly as they appear in this picture.
Do not be fooled!


  1. Keep up the great work Vanessa, you just keep getting better and better! I may just have to have you do an updated piano teacher picture of me for my website... ;)

  2. Loved seeing some pics of family. I thought they were great. :)


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