Thursday, October 10, 2013

Getting Corny

Halloween!  I love it!!!  I have been rather lazy lately and haven't even decorated.  However, today I brought the box up from the basement, so watch out!  Prepare to be amazed one day in the next three weeks when I get around to opening the thing and decorating :0}

I was pretty proud of myself for getting these guys cut out.  I got back from taking Madison to seminary {we got back at 7am-yep.  Early!}.  I saw the chance to get outside for a little wood therapy, so I went for it!  I have been waiting FOREVER {which equals 6 days to normal, non-impatient people} for my new band saw blade to arrive.  Without a car, I am at the mercy of Amazon, and the darn band saw blades are not prime eligible!!!!  Anyway, finally got my new band saw blade and killed it on a huge order of fire pits.  Determined to squeeze at least ONE Halloween project out of that blade before I have to buy another one, I cut out my pile of Candy Corn.  

Can't you just smell the sawdust!?!  
I can.  Just by looking at those chunky little pieces of art.  
Anyway, I cut out the Candy Corn, sanded them nicely, then went back and cut the lines between each color.  I like to make those extra cuts for 1-added character, and 2- ease while painting.

It is important that the pieces get back together with their original partners, so I numbered them all.

See that dark wood to the right of the number 7???  That right there is a sign of burning wood, a result of my dull blade.  Yuck.  So sad I have to get a new one already.  Ugh.

Anyway, here are the stacks of colored pieces all ready to be glued back together.

This picture cracks me up.  I should NEVER apply glue while trying to take a picture of it!!!  I almost missed the wood altogether.  Oh Brother!

Candy Corn number one!

A few more minutes and I had the whole lot put together.  Do you love the second one there in the line up?  Emmers painted that one.  I ran out of orange paint so we had a little paint mixing experiment.  She loved seeing the red and yellow coming together to make orange.  I love that she had so much fun with mommy.  I sure love that girlie!

Now, I also got my new set of ornaments all ready to sell today.  I just need to figure out how much shipping will cost and get them listed on Etsy.  I will get that done tomorrow and be back to debut the new line!!!!
Oh!  I am so excited!  See you back here tomorrow :0}

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  1. Love the corny cands!! I once called them that, and it's kinda stuck! Can't wait until tomorrow!


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