Saturday, October 12, 2013

New!!! 1" Mini Nativity Ornaments

Everything is cuter in miniature!!!  That includes my nativity silhouette ornaments :0} 
I have requests all the time for ornaments that can be handed out as gifts to kids in Sunday School classes or as friend gifts.  Now I have these little darlings to offer and at a totally affordable rate.  

I have these for sale on my Etsy site also.  You can purchase each piece separately, or mostly assembled, or totally finished, decorated with greenery and berries.  These ornaments consist of all the same supplies as the bigger counterparts, vinyl nativity cutout, clear ornament insert, and the clear bulb.  However, these ornaments are only 1 1/4" wide!!!  They are adorable!

I had my little Emmalee, age 5, hold one in her hand so that you could see just how small they are.

The bulbs I used were purchased at Hobby Lobby, 24 for $6.  Hobby Lobby also has just a slightly bigger ornament, about 1 1/2" made not out of glass, but shatterproof plastic.  They are just a little more, 12 for $5, but again...shatterproof! I was hoping these bulbs would be a great choice for my project, but it turns out they DON'T WORK for this particular style.  The holes are too small to get the acetate circles into, plus they are rather jagged.  You can, however, put the nativity on the outside of the ornament if you are determined to use shatterproof.  

 If you decide to order ingredients from me, do tell me if you buy the plastic ornaments so I can give you nativities that are just a little bigger.  Btw, the plastic ornaments are found back in the general craft section, not necessarily in the holiday section.

I had one customer buy a bunch of these small ornaments to use on their Christmas gifts as part of the wrapping.  How cute would that be to have an ornament tied onto a gift by the bow.  LOVE IT!

Anyway, I am so excited about this ornament set.  I have them for sale at the following prices:

$ 4.00 Mini Nativity Silhouettes, 24
$ 4.00 Acetate ornament inserts, 24
$ 6 box of glass bulbs, 24 bulbs
$10.00 Fully assembled and decorated ornaments, 1 dozen 

You can check out the listing HERE.  Want half that many???  Just let me know.  No problem.  Need lots???  Contact me and we will see if we can work out some kind of discount.
Feel free to drop by my Etsy and see what else I have for sale :0}


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  2. Do you have any other designs that would fit inside? I would like to use these for Primary but we used that image last year.

    1. Yep. We could do a star, or a couple other things. I will look today and get you a file of images. Be back soon!


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