Saturday, October 12, 2013

NEW!!! Set Of Three

This is my new smaller set.  Smaller because there are only three ornaments in the set...

They are certainly not smaller in size.  You could make these to fit the 2 5/8" ornaments, but they are just so fun in the 4" bulbs!  Here, I will give you a closer look.  Again, it is hard to photograph both layers at once, so I have two pictures of each ornament.

Peace On Earth

The shepherds, with their flocks, peering into the manger.

Joy to the World

And inside are the precious members of our Savior's humble family.

Goodwill Towards Men

With the Wise Men inside, bearing their gifts for the little Lord.

This set is available on my Etsy site as well.  You can purchase the pieces individually, or buy the ornaments as a completed set.  Like I said, I am able to make them in smaller sizes, just push the custom order button on my Etsy page.


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    1. Thanks Shelley and thank you for taking the time to comment!!!


  2. Vanesa these are awesome! Can I ask where you purchased the acetate from?

    1. Yep. The acetate is simply an overhead projector sheet. You can buy them from any office supply/copy store for about $1 each. I buy them by the pack of 100, but if you go to the copy desk and ask for a transparency they will sell them to you one at a time.


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