Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stockpiled Stockings

Now that my wedding rush it over, I have been worried about the cousins and auntie out there in Las Vegas.  They have a wedding this very weekend they are preparing for.  As you may remember, I was able to be there and help last time they had a wedding to put on.  I felt a little sad to miss out on all the fun this go-round.  Don't worry though.  I was able to get in on the action from across the country.  I phoned my aunt last week and discovered she was drowning in sewing projects she still had to do.  In fact, that very morning she suddenly remembered she was supposed to make lace leggings for all the little girls in the family to wear with their wedding skirts.  

Knowing a saintly friend in Phoenix that had access to stretchy lace, $4 a yard, and knowing that my schedule had been blown wide open, I convinced her to let me take over legging construction.  

Sweet Mary was called, lace was purchased and mailed, and this past weekend I began to draw up patterns for all the different sizes of leggings needed.  If you read my post earlier today, you know I have no real previous pattern construction experience.  I found this free pattern for leggings size 2T, then went through Emmalee's box of clothes she has outgrown to find another pair of leggings size 7/8.  Once again, neither one of those options were the right size for a pattern, but armed with the waist and waist-to-knee measurements for each girl I managed to come up with some pieces I loosely called patterns. 

I had Mary get me 5 yards of lace {so I would have a little extra to play with afterwards} and was able to get all 8 pairs made out of about 3.5 yards.  Since these were not full length leggings I just folded the lace in half the long way and cut 2 of each pattern piece at once.  

I used my serger, installing the second needle to do the sewing while the first needle did the serge portion of the work.  I serged up both sides of the crotch seam.  Then I serged up the leg.  Last I hemmed the leg and waistband by sewing some dainty lace to the top.

I used elastic thread in my bobbin to ruche the legs like this.  

As a final touch I sewed a small bow to the front {it can be really hard to determine front and back on home-made clothes :0}.  

Lastly, I made these little name tags on my Silhouette.  I used a sketch pen for the first time ever!!!  I just inserted the sketch pen into the slot usually reserved for cutting blades, and pressed cut.  The little pen was moved here and there until it had neatly scrawled out all of the girl's names.

Love it!

I managed to make a tiny pair for Bitty Baby too!  Now Emmers has at least one matching clothing item with her baby, and tons cheaper than the original.

So, from sizes 18 months to size 12, I somehow managed to make 8 pairs of lace leggings.  They were fairly easy and care free to make too.  I am going to have to do more of these!!!  I guess I better wait and find out if they fit :0}

So, now Auntie Pattie, we are waiting for pictures from you, of all those darling girlies wearing their wedding garb.  I can't wait to see those skirts you made!!!!


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