Friday, October 18, 2013

Hot Glue Gun Stands

I LOvE my hot glue gun stands.  I use them daily.  Seriously.  I usually have multiple stands all through the house, so that no matter what room I happen to be crafting in, I can just plug in a glue gun and get to work.

Back when my clippie madness started to take off, I ended up hiring people to help me put the clips together.  One bonus of becoming my indentured servant was I gave every helper a glue gun and a stand to make the job easier.  I made a lot of friends that way.  

I also made a new batch of glue gun stands each Super Saturday for all the ladies to use all over the gymnasium.  My helpers, as well as many of the ladies crafting, kept coming up and asking if they could take the stands home.  The third year of  my Super Saturday reign, I actually put the glue gun stands on the craft line-up so people could purchase and put together their own. 

{Please ignore my gross looking glue gun by the way!}
As I have been trying to come up with fund raising ideas for Madison's marching band fund, I decided to put these babies up for sale on my Etsy and see if I could bring in a little extra for Pasadena this December.  What a horrible time to have to pay thousands of dollars, I mean really.  She leaves the day after Christmas to march in the Rose Parade AGAIN!

Anyway, rather than fuming about that, here are my glue gun stands.  I have the plain, unpainted stand for sale for $5.   You can purchase the unpainted or painted version HERE with this Etsy listing.
The stands come with either a black or a white glossy tile glued down with a high-endurance glue.  It will arrive assembled and ready to go!  

I also plan to sell various painted versions, but I will have to show you those later.  It is Friday night and all I want to do is go to bed!  What a party pooper.  I hope you have more energy tonight than I do.  Go have some fun, get some sleep, then check back in tomorrow and I will show you the crazy things I have done to decorate these stands.  I just know you are gonna want one!!!

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