Friday, October 25, 2013

Who Let The Fox{s} Out

After getting all ready for Emmalee's class party last night, I pulled out the red/brown felt, white and chocolate fur, and started snipping away.  I promise you I have been doing a great job of keeping my craft room clean lately...until NOW!  This is what your craft room will look like when you let two crazy fox costumes loose in the middle of the night.  I finally finished at 5:30 am, just in time to say hello to Madison and Scott on their way to early morning seminary classes :0}  What a good daddy.

Anyway, my crazy 28yr old brother asked me if I would make him a fox costume like in this video...
I should charge him extra for making me watch that video even one more time ;0}  Of course Eli wanted to have a fox costume too.  I will show you the end result when I have the chance to get pictures.  Until then, I am going to bed...

Right after I show you these two blankie toppers I helped my sister put together.  When I say "my sister" I do mean me.  After visiting our good friends down in Southern Minnesota tomorrow, I am supposed to help her put these cute guys together with a chocolate brown minky backing.

Kallie did a great job picking out the fabrics and choosing the design. 

 I showed her this blanket I made forever ago and had her convinced to do a monogram circle-y thingy.  

 I still think she will have to come up with another baby name because stitching around an "S" using the blanket stitch on a sewing machine is really hard.  "Kallie, I think you should name your baby Ichabod...that way I only have to stitch around the letter I.  I guess Larry would be an OK runner up name, cause I can handle the letter "L" too."

Too Cute!  Speaking of too cute, have any of you been trapped for hours waiting your turn for the cutting counter this week at Joann's???  They have all their fleece and flannel, and just about every other cut of fabric on a fabulous sale.  On top of that, they have ALL NEW PRINTS in just about every kind of fabric too!

I am currently undergoing intervention in an attempt to stay away from that sale.  Wish me luck!  Or just download the app and enjoy TWO 50% off coupons good until tomorrow night!!!


Remember...intervention...Count backwards from 10 and go to your dirty house in your mind to remind you that you don't REALLY have time for another project...or any more shelve space for another UNFINISHED project...9..8..7....

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