Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quick Fix Up

Grandma and Auntie Kallie came to town last week.  
That always means we will be thrifting and we will be doing it A LOT!
Being that we are still fairly unfamiliar with our area here, I did an extensive online search for local thrift stores.  I only found a couple, but we are not that easily discouraged from bargain hunting, so we set out to see what we could find.  One by one we marked the stores off the list, all of them closed {only open on the weekends} or seemingly nonexistent because they had closed some time ago.  I know that the garage sales here are fabulous, but seriously!  There should be a good old fashion, non pocket robbing thrift store somewhere around Rosemount, MN!!!

As an exasperated last attempt before having to pick kids up from school, we stopped at Unique, a Savers store.  Walking in, first thought, AMAZING.  My best way to describe it to Madison when we returned was "Dazzling!"
While it was a Savers store, the prices were not quite as high as the new Savers prices.  In fact, they must have had a saint pricing back in the back because about every other item picked up was actually a reasonable $2 or something.  I don't know if you have experienced the robbed feeling I have had the last couple time I visited Savers or Goodwill, but I have no problem sharing my opinion, and usually rather loudly, about the exasperating prices being charged for DONATED CLOTHES!
I get that it is for charity, but if the prices get any higher I am going to need charity :0}

I will get off that soap box, back to Unique!
I think what made the store all the more magical was that ALL of the clothing and household linens were 50% off that day.  That and the store was freaking HUGE!  It had to be twice the size of any Savers I had ever been in before.  Let me just sidestep here and say just how much I miss Half Priced Saturday at Goodwill back in Arizona!!!!!!!!!!

OK, Long story slightly shorter, I found this cute froggy shirt for $2.  Done.  In the cart.  Little bit later, found this cute pair of florescent green pants.  Love them!  In the cart.  

Just before checking out I was doing my twice over of the cart and happened to realize there was a tear by the back pocket.  My first thought was to nix the pants, but I really liked them and was excited to have a complete outfit when pairing them with the frog shirt.  Since I actually visit thrift stores to find projects, not just clothes, I decided I would spring for the $2 pair of pants {especially since I had turned down a pair at Target that was $12 or $15 a couple weeks ago}.

This is what I did with them
Do realize, in typical "ME" fashion, I had suddenly remembered about 45 minutes before Emmers was to get on the bus today that I STILL hadn't folded or even sorted through my clean laundry.  Rather than facing the mounds of clean laundry baskets currently residing in my master bedroom, I ran instead to the craft room and pulled out the pants purchased last week.  30 minutes.  I could do this!

Found some black polka dot.  Folded over a corner and used my rotary cutter to cut out a heart. 'bout two.  That would be cute.  Cut another one.

Did a quick run through of my oh-so-sorry pile of crafting supplies {SO need to reorganize now that wedding is over} and could not find my heat 'n bond interfacing.

Oh!  That is right!  Glue sticks work great as a fabric stabilizer!  Bet ya' didn't know that ?!?

Stick sticky heart to pants, stitch around the outside with a zig-zag stitch.  Turn pants over and do the same to the heart on the front.

I also had to take about 4" off the bottom of the pants :]  See, Emmalee is kinda hard to fit for jeans, so I usually just buy them to fit her waist and then make them the length they should be.

I tried miserably to do a little decorative stitching over the heart.  Should have just stopped.  Oh well.  Still cute.

And does Cinderella Emmalee Sew*CakeMaker like them???


Real quick I took one of the pant cuffs I cut off, sewed it into a square, and made this hairbow to match.  It is totally ginormous, I know, but I love them that way!  In fact, the school bus driver bent all the way out the bus window today and said, "Nice!  I love the bow!"
She sure made my day. 

 Emmers is gone at school, I actually started and finished something today.  
I guess I can just go back to bed :0}

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  1. Sooo cute! I wish I had your talent! And 1/2 price Saturdays at Goodwill make them a DECENT price. I bought most of Elizabeth's Annie costumes at Goodwill on 1/2 price Saturday. :) It is crazy how much they want for some things. I always wonder who prices some of the stuff!


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