Monday, January 20, 2014

Birthday Baubles

I just got an order for a couple of these the other day and went today to find the pattern but couldn't find it!
After a little digging, I found this blog post and decided it was worth re-posting.  If nothing else, maybe I will be able to find it easier next time ;0}

I made these a couple of years ago to use as birthday gifts for the ladies at church.  My heart is heavy today though, because my good friend serving in the presidency with me at the time, she passed away last month, just one week after giving birth to a beautiful little girl.  I just ran across a picture of her in a different post, and now looking at these cute birthday baubles makes me think of her sitting by my side...and how she never will again.  So sad.

As for the business end of this post, 
The cupcake is cut from a 2x4.  I cut the frosting from 1/8" mdf {HomeDepot} with paper mod podged to the front.  I inked all edges with my permanent ink pad and applied a top coat of the mod podge to seal it all up.

I thought it would be cute to use a dumdum sucker as the cherry on top.  I drilled a hole as deep as I possibly could and it happened to be just deep enough.  The sucker fit completely inside, then I tied the curling ribbon on for added festiveness.

The present is just a smaller version of my Christmas Present.

They turned out super cute.  I also cut these from a 2x4.  I glittered the "ribbon" sash for a little bling.

I am still debating wrapping a sucker in the curly wire just to make things fair.  

Just for kicks and giggles I made up a pattern for anyone that wants it :0)

Click on the image to make it bigger, then right click and save.  

Now I will print that pattern out myself and hit my 10 degree garage for as little time as it possibly takes to cut my current order out.  All the while I will try to remember the happy times with my dear lost friend and try to remember our fun-filled moments together.  Happy and cheerful like these birthday baubles.  That is how Season always was.  Smiley and happy, and bubbling over with sweetness and concern for all.


  1. Vanessa, so sorry to hear about your friend. I don't know what it is, maybe I'm just getting older, but it seems like so many great people are going to that life after life. My heart is with you - and her precious family.

    1. Liz, thank you so much for taking the time to comment, and so sweetly too. I agree with you 100%. It does seem like so many more people are leaving this life than ever before. And so many far too young or with life left to live. Thank you so much once again and I hope, if you have lost someone dear recently, that you can find peace.

      Warm fuzzies from Frozen Minnesota!
      The Sew*er, The Caker, The CopyCat Maker


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