Thursday, January 9, 2014

Countdown to Kisses

Just made myself a Countdown to Kisses calendar!
I helped Eli make one of these for his new Auntie for Christmas and decided a month ago that there would have to be another one made for my house.

Not only do I have pictures along the way when I made mine, but I also have silhouette cut files for you!!!  Now you can make one of your own :0}

Here are the things you need:

* Magnet board- sells for $10 at Joann's...get it for less with coupons!
*Vinyl: Black letters, Red and Pink hearts and the newly added White "BeMine"
*A Magnet
*Heart for marker- I bought this one from Making Memories.  
It is called:  Frames Love Struck, just in case you are looking for it. 
 {I only used the heart.  Make a board for your 
Mom and use the other metal shape ;0}

I laid the metal board down flat on the table and let the leg hang down off the front edge of the table.  
First, peel the backing off the vinyl, hold it over the metal board until it looks centered, and then press it into place.  I would highly recommend doing this step standing up.  I was sitting and practically dropped the vinyl onto the board.  I am just lucky it happened to center itself :0}

Here is where people seem to have a hard time with vinyl.  I do not just grab an edge of the transfer tape and pull it up.  The vinyl will not stay on the metal.  You have to peel back the edge, then more or less push the transfer tape up off of the letters.  Depending on how strong your tape is, you may have to roll that film back over the letters {know when I say letters that I mean numbers too} a couple times and you might possibly have to use your fingernails or some other object to hold the edge of the letter in place until you can get enough of that film off that the letters stay in place.

Keep at it until the whole top film comes off and the letters stay put.

Now for the hearts!  Let me tell you, in the file, I have two heart options.  To the left is a little pile of hearts.  That is for the vinyl conscious.  If you want to waste as little vinyl as possible, you will want to cut those hearts and then apply them one by one based on the picture.  The middle assortment of hearts are in place where they go over the numbers and letters.  The top will not, however line up perfectly with the numbers.  You will still need to situate the one piece over the numbers so that the hearts end up where they go.  I like to look at the tiny heart over the I in Kisses and the three hearts that go around the number 14 at the bottom.  If those hearts line up, you are good to press everything down and start pulling the transfer tape off.

 Vinyl hearts are just like real hearts...Sometimes you just have to stop everything and hold them down a bit to get them to stay.  Pretty much every heart I had to coax from the transfer tape by holding one edge down while pulling the tape away.

The big heart is easy.  The good thing about picking out your own vinyl is that you can keep all the heart insides and use them too.  The little red V's above are the insides of the tiny red hearts.  I like to use this big inside heart anywhere on the board I think it looks good.

Lastly, peel that pink heart frame off the backing and position it over the 14 and accompanying hearts.

Awesome!  So sweet.  I used the red heart insides to decorate "Countdown" a bit more.

Now for the frame.  I made this little BeMine vinyl as a last minute addition.  It is for the metal heart marker.

Just the same as any vinyl, trim it down a tad, peel the backing off, and center it where you want it. 

 Guess what???
When Making Memories said it was a metal heart frame....It WAS!

I put the vinyl on and was wondering why it wasn't sticking to the back.  It was.  It was sticking to the tiny clear frame cover... TeeHee.  I guess I can still come back and put a picture in there or something :0}

Alrighty!  There you have it.  
My very own Countdown to Kisses!
Husband, BE WARNED {Oh lala}

Won't that little frame be cute as we count down the days to Valentines Day!?!?!

Here are those Silhouette cut files I promised you.
You can download them HERE with Dropbox.

Don't have a silhouette???  Or an assortment of vinyl colors???  Or have a clue what I am talking about???
Easy.  You can buy the vinyl from me!  I have it for sale at my ETSY site for $5.
Now get out there and brush up on your kissing.  Valentines Day will be here before you know it!

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