Saturday, January 11, 2014

Scotch Brand House Party

OK, I am so completely late in getting this post up for you all, but tell me, wasn't this Christmas the most crazy Holiday Season you have ever had???  It was for me.  Despite it all, we managed to squeeze in a house party sponsored by Scotch Expressions and

When I saw the party posted on House Party, and that I could apply for it, I hit my local store to see what all the fuss was about.  Have you guys seen all the new tapes out?  

There aren't just fancy washi tapes, but masking tapes, duct tapes, and even packing tapes.  The best thing is, you can just go to your local all-in-one store and grab them when you want them, no online ordering!

When you win a house party, you get a fabulous box of goodies sent to your door to share with all of your guests.  When my box came I had some fun tapes, but so, so much more.  There was wrapping paper, bakers twine, fabulously sharp scissors, various types of adhesives for card making, cards, coupons and more.  These two were my absolute favorites:



To get ready I spent like two days cutting different tags and holiday shapes out on my silhouette.  I bought some ribbon to go along with the Scotch supplies and we were ready to go.

We wrapped and chatted and giggled the evening away.  When the party was over, these ladies went home with some really cute presents.  

When I finally closed down my shop and began my own personal holiday season about a week before Christmas, I had a total blast sitting and wrapping gifts.  Seriously, it had to have been the first year I truly ENJOYED the wrapping part.  I have Scotch Expressions and House Party for getting me started!

Now, just for fun-zies, here are a few of my wrap jobs :0}

I ended up with lots of random left over holiday greenery from my ornament selling escapades.  This is what I did with them all, wrapped them to the boxes!

Don't ask me what happened here.  I can just tell you that a certain someone had a great time with all that tape Scotch and sent us :0}

I just love the pine cones that came on this sprig.  They were way too big to use on my ornaments...even could be considered too big for this present, but who is gonna say anything about it, right?

We really like that tree made out of washi tape thing :0}

And there you have it.  All my hours of work, sitting in a landfill far far away :0} It was worth it.  When you are needing a little help getting into the holiday spirit, a good sit-down with some paper and tape can give you just the nudge you need ;0}

Thanks Scotch Expressions and for the party!

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