Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sew Tweet

This is a little gift I made for my great Auntie here in Minnesota.  I had Madison play dress-form for me whilst I made it.  When I finally had it finished, I had to work pretty hard to pry it from her greedy fingers.  With how cold it was over the week of Christmas, she wasn't about to give it up without a fight, even for Auntie :0}  

Auntie is always freezing cold so I wanted to make a nice, warm poncho type thing she could throw over her shoulders while she worked on her puzzles or read her newspaper.  I decided not to leave it a regular poncho, with no opening, but rather go for a Audrey Hepburn look with an overlapping opening.

I picked yellow, for one, it is my favorite color, but really because Auntie is now, and always has been, in love with Tweety Bird.  I took some scraps of fleece and made this little Tweety down at the corner just for Auntie.  Talk about nervous.  Before Tweety was pieced together I just sat and stared at the plain white heart for a while wondering if I could really pull it off.  Slowly, I added the head, then eyes, then blue and black to the eyes, and finally the nose all from looking at a picture on my phone.  I did my best to just zigzag the black embroidery lines...  A few puffs on a paper bag later, Tweety!

Not too bad considering all my stress over how to make it.  I ended up using scissors and shaving down the fluff from the fleece so the face would show up better.  

Auntie loved it and squealed with delight when she saw Tweety Bird.  It made my day and made all the worry totally worth it.  Plus, now I know what to make Madison next year!


  1. I love this idea! I could see myself (and daughter) using something like this since then the hands are free for computer, reading, etc. What type of material did you use for the poncho?

  2. The computer!!! What a fabulous idea! I need one too!

    I used a minky type of fabric. It isn't the Minky dot, or swirl, but is in squares of fluffyness. Bought it at Joanns. I think it is normally $12.99 a yd, so bring a coupon. I bought 60", just less than 2 yards, cut it into a big circle, cut a center circle out of it, then cut one spot from the outside to the inside. I used Madison as a dress form and hung the poncho on her. Once it was hanging and I overlapped it where I wanted it, I did cut from the top {near the chin} straight down so it would hang flat when Auntie wore it. I did the same thing with the inner flap, cut it straight down. Make any sense?

    Anyway, thanks so much for the idea. I need one of these for the computer too! My hands are always right now :0}

    Thanks for commenting!
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