Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tea Cup Bird Feeders

I made a set of three of these lovely tea cup bird feeders for my grandma this year.  Sweet Grandma is pretty hard to shop for given that she is so content with a puzzle and a smile, and all.  She does love her birdies outside and throws birdseed out for them all summer long, so I thought this might be just the gift to make for her.  

Basically, you just need a tea cup and saucer, one 1/2" copper cap {about $.40 each at the hardware store}, and a 2 ft copper pipe {sold 2 ft long at Home Depot for just under $5}, and some E6000 glue.  We have tons of tea cups and E6000 glue lying around so the only thing we had to buy was the copper pipe.

Rough up the saucer top and tea cup bottom just a tad with a bit of sandpaper, then apply the E6000 in a generous blob.  Press the tea cup down into the glue on the saucer and let it dry overnight.  Then you can turn the whole thing over, add another blob of glue to the center of the bottom, and press the flat side of the copper pipe cap into the glue.  Leave the whole setup upside down over night, and then you should be ready to go.  

When you are ready to place the bird feeder into the ground outside {for Grandma-who lives in Minnesota- she can't do that for another 6 months}, use a hammer to drive the copper pipe at least 4" into the earth in your desired flower bed, then place the cup on top by placing the copper cap over the copper pipe.  Fill with bird seed and the birdies will fly in from all over the world to snack from your stylish feeders.  

Right now Minnesota looks a bit like this.

but in my mind, I imagine the tea cups looking something like this this spring ;0}
Whatever keeps us warm, right?  Now to make some of these for me!

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