Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Birthday Box

Here is my Birthday Box sample, finally finished, for Super Saturday.  I used the media file boxes they sell at Target for $3!!!  How cheep is that!?!
Inside, I took 12 x 12 paper, cut it down to 5 3/4" x 12, then traced and  cut out the tab on one end.  Labels for each month, folded them with a 3/4" bottom so the owner has the option to store cards in each month's envelope.
Lining each envelope is this sheet.  Were I really on top of things, I would have put in some of my own friends and family's birthday info.  We all know I won't really use this box.  I made it for those people that still have hope of organization :0)
I cut up those weird advertising magnets you get in the mail and hot glued them to the back.  That way, the envelope/list can be on the fridge for a more constant reminder.  I figure the cost of this project, buying everything new, but dividing things like glue and ink between many projects, to be about $7.50.
Not bad, ey?

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