Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yes, They Are Fingernails!

Not real ones, but some totally rocken' awesome nails my daughter Madison (AGE 12!!!) made last week!  The darling girl was so thrilled to be going to her first boy-girl pool party that she spent a whole day making these nails for the occasion.  I can't believe the girl!  First, that she would make nails for a pool party-she had to know they would be popping off with all the boy-girl chasing bound to go on.  Second, for the creativity!  Whatever skill I have, she wins!  Hands Down!  I will be mercilessly put to shame when she is older.  She will be painting crafty circles around dear old Mom!
I do not have a very good camera and could not seem to get a good picture to show the EXTREME detail she went to.  Madison started out by painting this walmart-bought set of glue on nails a sea blue.  Next she painted little goldfish swimming.  Not only that, but she made one hand a continuous scene- fish half on one nail, the other half on the next!  She finished them off with glue and real sand at the bottom.  Oh, I almost forgot the confetti bubbles :0)  I just can not explain to what level I was shocked when she showed them to me.  I have paid ladies to paint things on my nails.  Those ladies had YEARS of experience and the nails came nowhere close to looking this good!
One more picture to attempt to show you the TALENT!  Can you tell that mommy is proud!?!


  1. These are so awesome! I'm feeling rather ashamed at some of my now deemed shoddy nail art.


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