Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Totally Random Things From My To-Do File

I have been hitting a wall lately.  I felt like I had been running in circles all day, every day, and really needed it to stop!  I took a little time for tickle fights on the living room floor, picture books on the couch, and mixing up cookie dough-half of it never making it to the oven :0) I feel much better, however, have little to show you craft-wise.  That is why I decided to show you a couple totally random and unrelated projects I have had in my "Gotta Do" file for a while :0)
First up is this ABC Can.  I love it!  I started saving my spent canning lids so I could make one for my Emmers.  This project comes to you via Brown Paper Packages. 

And if the ABC thing doesn't do it for you, like maybe you already know yours, try these scrappy Photo Magnets from Crafting Chicks.  I think these "can" be really cute :0) as well as a feel good, "I recycled" project you can actually use!

I was at the dollar store yesterday, at several actually, and was reminded of this little clip from Random Acts of Obsession.  It is actually made out of a rat trap, bigger than a mouse trap, and a gift bag.  It cracks me up!  I can't actually explain why I am so captivated by this project.  I think it would actually be quite funny as a gift (shows you how twisted I am :0)  There is a magnet on the back so it can be hung on the fridge.  Imagine...back to school for the teacher, visiting teaching do-dad, Christmas hooky/magnet...I really want to do it!  At one dollar store, the mouse traps were in a pack of 4...for $1! 
I really want to make this T-shirt beanie from the blog The Rubber Punkin.  It was her first project to post on her blog, and it is a tutorial!!!  Check it out.

Love, LOVe, Love the take-pictures-and-make-your-own-book thing!  Love the color book, also from Crafting Chicks!

While we are on the subject of making our own books, I love the idea of making our own GAME!  Love the picture thing.  I know that Emmalee would love it too.  This game is from Delicious Ambiguity.

Next up on the block is this recipe for French Macaroons.  Don't these cookies look fun!?!  I love all the colors.  I noticed lately I have forgotten all about doing fun projects with my kids.  Baking together is something we really love and this would probably be a recipe to try.
So, you need to click on this one if you are in need of a place to keep you needles.  This little book is so cute!  I have never thought of making a place just for my needles.  Click HERE for tutorial and complete instructions!  Thanks to MAKE for this project and the next.
This cute little box is a DVD storage box for Kelly's nephew.  It is so adorable.  Very creative!  You can click HERE to see more pictures. 

I love these farm fence photo frames from The Creative Crate.  When I lived in Minnesota I had a shed in my backyard that looked like a barn.  I loved it and these remind me of all the old wood we had back there to work with.  *sniff*sniff* not any more.  These are so cute.  I have a secret obsession with taking old things and turning them into something totally different.  These would have been top of my list back then.
Lastly, here are these cute fairies and their toadstool houses.  Lier from ikat bag made the fairies from felt.  She promises to get the pattern for the houses for sale soon.  I picked this project especially for my friend Mary who has a slight addiction to mushroom decor.  This one's for you Mary!

While there are many more projects in my "Gotta Do" file, I will save them for another day.  Up tomorrow I will show you my next Super Saturday project, the ispy bag.  You have seen them before, nothing special, but I will show you my take on the project.

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