Sunday, August 8, 2010

Surgery Success

I bet you never knew, way back when, I had my day in the nursing field.  However short it was, nursing runs through my veins.  That is why I could not stumble across this accident scene and simply turn my head.
Poor Janet's baby was in desperate need of medical attention.  I hear that dismemberment is a very serious thing.  That is why I offered to bring her home and see what I could do to help her.  Janet is the big sister to our favorite triplet babies ever.  She deserves to have a baby to love on, one that has all of its parts in tact.
First step, gather all of my supplies:
cotton bandaids
suture thread
suture needle :0)
and of course, my fabric baby medical shears!

Where can I find an assistant...Scott!  Come on over here (I made him watch re-runs of the office with me to keep me awake, poor guy)
Sometimes you have to make things worse to make them better, that is why this arm had to go too.  A little nip, a little tuck...
Arms like new.  I should have gone into plastic surgery.  It was the fastest limb re-attachment in history!

What is this!?!  Another accident waiting to happen!
Typical doctor am I.  Go in for a short routine procedure...find three more things wrong.  I really didn't even notice this HUGE gash, could have lead to decapitation any day, until I had almost finished the arms!  Lets all be glad I am not actually working in the medical field right now, for all of our safety :0)
Janet, things were worse than I has suspected.  This is gonna cost you!  Nurse!  More fabric, STAT!
Baby, you are going to need a full body cast...for the rest of your life!  Trace baby, run to the sewing machine...a little stitching with heavy duty button thread...
Whew! A whole new body!  If only that worked for me :0)
 All better.  Just like new. 
 While I was in there the second time I found even more gashes where the legs attach.  It was lucky we caught it. 
Now...we are gonna' need to talk about that wardrobe....

but we will give you a few days to rest :0)
Drink plenty of water, eat two cookies, and call me in the morning :0)

Just had to use that picture one more time :0)


  1. I love this post! Great work. :)

  2. You are hilarious! Great job Nurse Vanessa!

  3. That was funny, I needed a laugh! very creative. Now I am going to eat my cookies and go to the next blog!



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