Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Gotta' Do

I am rather swamped this week.  The kids started school, Emmalee is going through playmate withdrawals, I have 20 lbs of meat to can, and I have a huge wedding cake to make for this weekend.  What better excuse to show off some more from the bursting-at-the-seams Gotta' Do File!?!

The first idea comes to you from The Rubber Punkin.  This is only one page of many free printables to help you get organized.  There are even a couple pages of circles without titles so you can add your own.  They  could even be used for cupcake toppers!!!  Check THEM out!

The next site, Wood'n Stitches, is so cute.   THERE are really cute wood ideas for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  But...what's that?  Not ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving just yet? Look how cute these watermelons are!

I know that school is just starting, but I loved this idea!  Maybe a "First Day of School Shirt", or how about a "Last Day of Summer Camp"?  Perhaps there is an end of summer slumber party coming up. A "Last Day of Summer" shirt would be a big hit, don't ya think?  This idea comes to you from Secrets of a Super Mommy, posted HERE.
Same site, Secrets of a Super Mommy, different POST...There is still time to make a few dozen of these chilly wonders!  You have to admit that picture makes you want one, doesn't it!?!
How Super-Di-Duppery Cute is this bake sale!?!  I have never seen anyone go to as much trouble to do a bang up job as Jill from The Bird and The Berry.  She even did it for CHARITY!!!  Check that out HERE!

This one really brings on Project-Envy BIG TIME!!!  I was surfing the web, looking for Super Saturday craft ideas when I came upon these blocks.  The envy part comes in when they mention that the stickers used in these super simple blocks HAVE BEEN DISCONTINUED FOR YEARS!!!  I have since wasted an uncountable amount of hours scouring the web for any chance there might be one left out there somewhere on the planet.  I have even written the company, Me & My Big Ideas, to plead with them to make it again.  Good luck there, right?  I thought it was worth a try.
My obsession was only made worse when I came upon this site...
Wendy, from Under My Umbrella, cut hers out around the sticker.  Thanks a lot!  There went another day of my life searching all the same places all over again!  I WANT THOSE STICKERS!!!  I am convinced there is not any other set of stickers in the whole wide world as cute as these.  And if there is, I will never know because I live nowhere near a scrapbook store!!!   *sigh*  Moving along...

Isn't this cute!?!   I love what Aimee from Sprik Space came up with for Jason's birthday present.  So fun and spunky. Love the COLORS!  Who wouldn't feel better about their old age after getting this darling gift?

Keeping with the birthday theme, this last one I can't really show you with pictures.  You have to CLICK on the link and read it for yourself.  Sweet Lara, after reading another BLOGGER , decided to celebrate her birthday by performing random acts of kindness around for every year of her life. I LOVE IT!!!  I would enjoy my birthday so much, much more if I did this instead of waiting for everyone to not remember :0)  Get out there and make it amazing all by yourself!

Inspired?  I am.  I am now convinced I can squeeze one more project into today!  Here I go!

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  1. I have a 50th birthday party I'm going to in a couple of weeks. I'm going to do the sucker one. Thanks for finding that cute idea. And I hope I remember the acts of kindness one for next year on my birthday. That is an awesome idea. Or maybe I'll just change it and make it I have to do one each week.


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