Monday, August 23, 2010

Hairbows Finally Finished!!!

I finally finished my hairbows today.  I had a couple of friends over and asked their opinion.  Their final vote was to leave off the tulle on the "Back to School" bow, but keep it on the others.
I cut out wooden shapes on my scroll saw, painted, floated, and glued them on. 
The Lady Bug was my original inspiration.  It was just so cute!  It didn't seem right to put a button or gem on the bow when the lady bug was so darn cute.  I searched every store in town trying to find a suitable bug.  No luck.  That was when I decided to take the dive, even though the antennae would be a royal pain, and cut out my own ladybugs.
Then I figured, if I am cutting Lady Bugs, I better cut something for the pink and brown bow too.  A princess crown was really the only acceptable answer :0)
The Back to School bow was going to have corkers and the pencil in the middle, but as I was painting the bug and the crown I really felt in my gut that this bow would be profoundly jealous if it didn't get a custom paint job as well.  Thus the paper was born.  It was really so fun to paint these mini shapes. 
It took me a whole week to work out the kinks, but I am so happy with how these bows turned out!!!  Now I can get something new on my Etsy site!!!  Not tonight though...that can wait till morning, right?

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Punkin Seed Productions


  1. Super cute hairbows!!! You did a wonderful job!!!:)

  2. Very cute. Makes me wish Elizabeth was young enough to wear these! :)

  3. The pencil and paper one are my favorite! So darn cute! Thanks for planting your creative seeds at Plant a Punkin Seed Party!


    Punkin Seed Productions


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