Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wedding Cake, Check!

I am glad to check this one off my list of things to get finished :0)
More details tomorrow, for now, we will just enjoy the pictures of the cake I made for a friend.  She was throwing a double wedding reception for her son and daughter.
The weird blotch on that pink drape is a reflection off the cake knife, just in case you were wondering.
Cake on the right side.  Chocolate with cookies-n-cream filling.  Yumm :0P
Cake on left.  Spice cake with cream cheese filling.
Center cake.  Bottom layer-french vanilla cake with Banana and Strawberry Custard.  Middle and top-marble cake with fudge torte.
Up close and personal.  I decided to go with fondant hearts.  The piped ones in the picture they gave me looked like tiny bums all over the cake.  These ones have no body part resemblance in my opinion.

Voila!  Three days of my life for a friend.  Gotta Love It!
Here are some pictures of the reception in case you are curious...
Head Tables
Gym  Reception Hall
Check out that ceiling.  I hear the brides and grooms were up on ladders doing that themselves :0)
Centerpiece A
Centerpiece B
Front entry.  The father of a bride and a groom (both marrying a different groom and bride) has his own DJ side business and had all the white curtains and pipe to hang them.  You could hardly tell this shin-dig was held in the gym at the church!

Beautiful.  The only thing more beautiful than this reception is the fact that I don't have to wake up tomorrow worrying about that cake!


  1. The cake was beautiful! Wish I could have tried a piece. ;)

  2. You MADE that!? That's amazing, great job. Looks delicious too :)

  3. Sooooo, sooooo dang impressive!

  4. I am in AWE of you and your creative skills! Way-to-go!


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