Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Super Saturday Magnet Board

Here is another project I made up for Super Saturday.  I have these from Creative Memories...
 My mother in law, the darling, gave us these.  I LOVE them, get comments on them from everyone that comes over, but they are like $55 a piece.
The ones I made aren't totally the same, but I figure they come together around $10.  It is a good option if you can't quite afford the originals. 

Beaded plywood- Lowes @ $25 a 4x8 sheet
12x12 metal sheet-between $3 and $6 each depending on how many are ordered
(do be sure and purchase galvanized metal so it doesn't rust)
Paint color of your choice
Ribbon-always on sale 50% off at Hobby Lobby

Actual measurements:
Plywood-14" wide, 16" tall
Metal- 12x12
Did I mention that you can use a dry erase marker on the metal?  You can also write on it with permanent marker.  Permanent marker simply wipes off with a wet rag or sponge.  Use it to write your weekly menu or love notes to your family.  How about a job chart?
You are a scrapbooker?  You can put your whole page on the board, on display for everyone to see.  Or, you could grab some magnetic letters and let the kids take them in the car.
So many options for one simple project :0)

In response to one reader's questions:
I bought my metal at Industrial Metal Supply.  They have locations in Phoenix and in California.  If you need a supply house closer to you, just search "metal supply" in Google for your area. 
I purchased "Galvanized" steel.  You MUST ask for galvanized or it will rust, must be steel-aluminum is not magnetic!!!  I ordered 24 or 26 gauge.  You can go with pretty thin metal since you are gluing it (with E6000 glue) to a wood backboard.  Be prepared to have it take 2 hours+ at the metal supply shop if you didn't call ahead to make your order.  They will want to know how many pieces you want.  The sheets of metal come in 8x4 and 10x4 foot pieces.  You buy the metal by the pound + pay a cutting fee.  I think I went with 36 metal pieces, costing me around $60 for metal and cutting fee.  The metal is cheep, the cutting fee was more than $40 of that cost. ** note** You have to keep in mind that when they cut metal, or wood for that matter, each cut takes away about 1/8" of the material.  That means that you either need to be ok with each piece being a hair short on both sides, or you need to plan that the last cut on each piece will be scrap.  That wasn't too much of a problem on the Home Sign, but with my 12x12 metal boards, I had to figure out if the extra board of metal was worth it.

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  1. Really great idea! Enjoyed the idea. I have been admiring the magnet stands at Archivers and wondering how they can be made and you showed the way!


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