Monday, January 3, 2011

The Circle Christmas Skirts

Whew! What a productive day I had! I don’t know if it is the cookie I ate for breakfast, or the fact that the holidays are finally over, but I was in the mood to get things done! Here is the Christmas skirt I promised to show you months back. I made them for both Emmalee and Madison. 

There is not an easier skirt on the face of the earth!!! I saw the idea at MADE. She shows just how to do it so I won’t bore you with the details.
I will tell you, I didn’t even hem these. I bought the satiny fabric, 2 1/2 yards for both skirts, from Joanns. I …you will never believe this…actually, um (embarrassed to say) burned the edges :0) (sheepish grin). You know how you use a lighter to melt the edge of ribbon to keep it from fraying? Well…I did that to the whole skirt hem :0) I lit a candle and ran the fabric past the flame. You don’t need to catch it on fire, just watch the fabric. Once the fibers melt a little you are done. You don’t even need to actually touch the flame. Because of the skip of the hemming process, I made both skirts in less than one hour!!!

I took the first couple pictures before I realized there was a smudge on the camera lens.  I loved this shot too much to leave it out though :0) Crazy Mommy Moment

How cute is that! 

Here is the same skirt a little different.  I made this one for Emms to wear to Sea World.  I made it two layered with the blue underskirt attached.  I think I may have to do a tutorial on this.  I have a valentines skirt in mind to show you :0)

Don't you just love how the fabric lays?  This is exactly the same pattern as a poodle skirt.  Man were they smart back in the 50's.

 I did attach the waistband a little differently. I cut a 3” strip (I used one strip the width of the fabric for Emmalee’s, 2 strips for Madison-sewn together) fold in half and place on the waist of the skirt, right-side of skirt facing up.  Here is where I show you my weird, non-professional way of finishing.  I start sewing the waistband about 1-2 inches after the strip of fabric.  I sew all the way around until I am about 1 inch from the overlap... 
That is where I stop, cut the extra waistband off about 1 inch past the overlap.  I fold the edge under, then tuck the starting end inside the ending end.  If that makes any sense, sew it the rest of the way on.

You can see the overlap in this picture. 
If all went well, you will have a finished waistband like this.  You can surge to keep the fly-aways away or zigzag...or just burn again :0)  They also sell a liquid called Fray Check that will keep this edge from fraying.

I love it!!!  I made the Thanksgiving skirts from the same pattern.  If I ever get Emmalee's face cleaned and her hair done on the same day I might get you a picture of that skirt :0)

Until then, you can look forward to seeing this skirt pattern again in the very near future!


  1. SO.CUTE!

    Im wishing I could get away with one myself =)

  2. That's funny Becky, I was just thinking that myself. ;)


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