Monday, November 28, 2011

If You Get Vanessa On Pinterest {Christmas Edition}

I don't know if you have been yet, but Pinterest is AMAZING for new ideas.  I have received so much holiday inspiration, I am speechless...yeah, right!  Not speechless, but definitely inspired.  The only problem is, once you get started pinning, you just pin and pin and before you know it you are all crafted out and never once did you touch a glue gun.  What a shame.  Here is my most recent trail of crafty distraction.

I innocently enough started out on this website. I saw something in the background when the pin flashed across my homepage and I wanted a closer look.  Well, there should be a warning sign...scratch that, a FLASHING warning sign because these trees are criminally amazing. I now need a new tree.  But not just a tree, because shortly after leaving that pin, I found this...

Who doesn't need a ruffle tree skirt?  No one, because EVERYone NEEDS a ruffle tree skirt made from hand dyed fabrics :0)  This is seriously on my list.  If I could only decide what color my ruffled tree skirt needs to be I would be in business.  Do I go tea-dyed muslin, or should I be bold and go red???  The questions troubling our universe can wait because Vanessa SewCakeMaker is trying to decide on a tree skirt color!!!

Wait!  If I have a smashingly fabulous tree skirt, my tree will still need a little something more than just decorations.  I saw this pin yesterday.  Sadly the link was just for the picture above, but the following was the crazy awesome idea that went along with the photo:
For the Christmas tree- Glue 2 of these, back to back and insert a silver metallic cord for hanging. Fill the insides of the tree with these after putting on the lights, but before putting on the ornaments. The sparkle will be tripled.
My tree NEEDS to sparkle! 
Put mirrors on the shopping list :0)

Wait, with a sparkly tree, I will need fancier ornaments.
Another no-source link on Pinterest.  Here is the caption though...
Spray paint through lace onto clear ornament. LOVE.
I can totally do that.  I have both ornaments and spray paint left over from other projects!!!
Let me go check on the left over spray paint...{dig, dig, dig through boxes in the garage...What is this?  an old book?  Wait!  There was a pin for that!}
I LOVE book art!  This one is suspiciously easy looking too.  
Gosh...I am getting kinda thirsty!  How about I get us both a cup of...wait for it...

Candy Cane Punch, by Taste of Home
What recipe from Taste of Home wasn't just STELLAR!?!  I'm just sayen', make the punch, prepare for praise :0)

While I am in the kitchen, I think I will bake up a little Gingerbread Nativity {LOVE} in my very own country oven.  Yep.  This is actually high on the real to-do list.  I think the kids would remember it the rest of their lives, remembering this one time like we did it every year {ever do that with your own parents-they did something really fun once and you remember it like it was the yearly tradition}.  That is my family this year with the nativity :0)

While the kids are in the kitchen, we might as well whip up a batch of Candy Cane Playdough for all my  munchkin's friends!  How cute is that!?!  I can see this playdough being such a cute present to give.
I be it smells good too. 

Now the kids are hungry...and I am craving peppermint.  We might as well make Santa some Cupcakes.  The candy cane as the pole is about the cutest cupcake topper I have seen for Christmas in a long time.  Madison has these at the top of her Gotta-do.  I would like to hire someone to make the signs though, cause I don't feel like it today {lazy}.

Remembering Santa reminds me that I have been meaning to re-vamp our stockings for some time...OK, many YEARS.  The stockings we pull out of the storage box year after year were made by my very beginner hand about 13 years ago.  I made them out of felt and can tell you every mistake I made way back when.  Making Stockings is number three on my MUST-do this season.  I actually am trying to find out how to bleach fabric to make my stockings a little shabby chic.  Stay tuned for that one.  

While in the living room measuring for stocking placement, I was reminded of this pinned project that will sit nicely next to the fireplace {trampoline cabinet, but who's keeping track}..

Brilliant!  Lets gather up all those Christmas themed books, wrap 25, and use them as an advent that won't accelerate the rotting of teeth!  Here is a little activity that includes time together.  Love IT!

Looking at all the books I start to notice all the cute Christmassy pictures.  They remind me that I haven't taken our SewCakeMaker family Christmas Pictures yet for the Christmas Card!!!

How cute would this one be!?!  I think I better start making that felt garland while I am at it!

This one would be darling too.  Oh!  Lights!  I haven't even pulled out the lights for the house yet!  All my neighbors had their festive bulbs shining when we pulled into the driveway from our Thanksgiving getaway.  
I walk outside to survey the roof, when I realize the front door is looking a little bare :0}  Better fix that too!

I think I need to make a wreath for the door.  This one will do.  It is only totally AWESOME!  I could totally do that with all my scrappy paper!  Score.  Cute wreath, plus less crap in my scrap drawer!

But you know what?  There is one more thing missing from my Christmas prep...

How on earth is Santa going to get into our messy, non-decorated house if all we have is a trampoline cabinet for a fireplace????  I know!  There was a pin for that too :0)  Make a Key for Santa!  We can hang it on the door.  Here is the cute little inscription on the note for Santa's key...
Dear Santa, This magic key works just for you, Please open the door and come on through. Thank you for coming to our house tonight. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Thank you Santa for the gifts you bring. Thank you Lord for everything.
Ahha!  Isn't that the whole point.  Thanking the Lord for EVERYTHING!  
Love it.

Whew!  Now I am so tired and my brain so over-stimulated that I must go lie down and eat a cookie.  That's ok, because I have promised myself not to go onto Pinterest tomorrow until I get my jobs done!
And in all reality, I have sworn not to do too much this season.  I want to enjoy the moments with my little ones, because soon, they will have little ones of their own.  I don't want to miss a moment. 

Here is my list.  I have allowed myself three of the above mentioned things:
1-Tree Skirt-really no way around it
2-New Stockings-it really is time!!!
3-Key for Santa.  I think my kids will love this completely
That is it.  I am not planning anything else until I get those three things done.
Happy Holidays everyone!  And feel free to check out my Christmas board on Pinterest to see what else you might need to make this season :0)

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