Sunday, November 13, 2011

Friday Night Craft Party

My back has been out the last two weeks.  I finally started having relief and feeling better, so why not have a ridiculously good time crafting with friends!?!  
I made up a pattern for Christmas Gifts and a Tree Trio and started writing names of people to invite.  I won't even tell you how long that list was, but I will tell you that I only invited the first 15 people and the rest of you will have to wait until Friday Night Craft Party the Second :0)  It is coming!

So here are pictures of the crafts made by my fabulous friends...the crafts I remembered to take pictures of :0)  You know me, a little too involved to remember to snap pictures.  I did take pictures of everyone crafting, then decided my house in the background was far to messy to show off online.  Therefore, these pictures are all you get!!!  Jennifer was the first one to finish her presents.  I was cutting wood all day long and didn't manage to get samples painted before the party.  Thank goodness Jennifer finished hers so everyone else could get excited about their projects.

Here is one set of the tree trio.  Chirstina painted them up and decorated them with ribbons and such.  I think I need to make the blocks different sizes and then wrap them up like presents.  I think that would be super cute.  

She also made this pumpkin.  It was the same pattern I used for Super Saturday, then Christina added the pattern paper to spice things up.

Brittany made these darling present.  All the presents were cut out of 2" wood on my band saw.  I LOVE my bandsaw.  You cannot cut a large amount of 2" wood on a scroll saw.  In fact, while you can cut 2" wood on the scroll saw, the few times I have tried it has about driven me to tears for the long time it takes and the fretting and stewing over if the saw will live through the trauma.  Save some trouble and look up Grizzly Band Saws.  You get all the power of Jet, but half the price!!! 
Enough of the sales pitch... 

We did the 2x4 pumpkins.  This one was made by Lindsey.  We had 2x4 trees to make also, again, no picture.

I am throwing this picture into the mix for the mere reason that I cut out seven of these trees...not at all easy... and I didn't get a single picture of any of the trees made at my house Friday night!
The trees were the whole reason why I had to squeeze this craft night in before Thanksgiving.  Actually, it is because I gave every last tree away at Super Saturday and I needed to make them again so I could keep one for myself :0)  Whatever the case, we made trees too.

Lindsey's presents turned out fabulously.  She managed to make two sets and the pumpkin all in the same night!  Wohoo Lindsey!  You win the Super Crafter award for the evening!
Keep an eye out.  I will be doing Friday Night Craft Party version 2.0 very soon and have another craft to add to the mix.
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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  1. It was fun, thanks so much for having me Vanessa! You truly spoil us! :)


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