Monday, November 21, 2011

Senior Pictures {Guy Love}

If you have been around the blog for any amount of time you know that I am a lover of all things {RANDoM}
The fabulous thing about photography is that it fits the bill perfectly!!!  I love that in one photo session we can take such a variety of photos in all different locations.

This is Skyler.  I had so much fun shooting Skyler's Senior Pictures.  First of all, we found an AMaZinG place to take the pictures, and then I got to see Skyler come out of his shell and even...dare I say...enjoy himself!!!
I had a great time trying to get that kid to smile.  Even though he was relentless about not showing any teeth, we were able to get some fabulous shots and even enjoy the process.

This is my favorite shot.  LOVE IT!!! 

This is where the random part comes in.  I really felt like the pictures should show the kid in Skyler.  One day he will look back at these pictures and should be able to remember that kid he used to be.  

Skyler is really into media production so we had some fun in the studio at the high school.  

I love this picture :0) 
You know how Seniors own the school, right?  Well, I like how he is rocking the hallway in true Senior Style.
Right down the middle like he owns the place.

So fun!  I really wanted to stay away from hay bales and flowers for Skyler.  He doesn't strike me as the county bumpkin type and I am glad we were able to find some fun places to take his pictures that suit his own personal style :0)

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