Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mr. Turkey Lurkey

I believe in Cloning when it comes to animals of the Wooden variety.
I stole this handsome devil from my friend so I could examine and perform a little CopyCatting later.  Mr. Turkey Lurkey is probably the cutest turkey I have ever seen.  He is made completely of 1" pine.

My friend bought him years ago at Quilted Bear in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Whoever made him is totally talented and came up with an adorable design.  I love the face.  Googly eyes are my favorite.


Love the sign!  I am thinking of a sitting version of this guy, but the feet are pretty cute too.  I am loving the knobby knees :0)

Just in case you are a visual person and like to see how things are put together, I have included a shot of the business end of things.... 
How Embarrassing!

Here, we won't leave with that shot...
There.  That's better.
I hope there is Gobble in your Wobble this Thanksgiving season!
I also hope this guy's brother will soon be on my porch :0)
Have a great day!


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