Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Photos Begging To Be Posted!

I had to show you these pictures I took tonight!!!
They are of my friend Ann's gorgeous family.  She is so cute and the boys are just so handsome, it really was a pleasure to take their pictures.  The photo above turned out so {amazing} I couldn't resist putting it right on the blog.  I have sure been having fun with my new camera lens. I bought the 50mm f/1.8 AF-S a little while back and have LOVED IT!!!  The clarity of my photos has jumped by leaps and bounds.

I took Ann and family to the local tire dump for a few fun photos.  The boys seemed to enjoy the location.  They were rolling tires all over the place.  Did I mention that my Eli came along to "help" me photograph his buddies.  I am not sure if he was helpful to me, but he sure "helped" Ann's boys discover new ways to play with tires.

This one is as close as we get to snow here in Phoenix :0)
We found a fabulous cotton field, all ready to harvest.  These fields really are amazing when the leaves all die, leaving behind huge, white cotton puffs.  Driving by cotton fields like this seriously looks like fields of snowballs, but these snowballs never melt...they are just harvested :0)

Look at those handsome boys.  I love to see brothers close like these two.  You can take one look at them and know that they will be best friends their whole life.
What a fun family. 

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