Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Cake Pops

I just finished up a quick cake pop order and thought I would throw it on the blog to show you.  I love an excuse to play around with cake pops.  It is even better when someone else orders them so you, 1-don't have to pay for the project yourself, and 2-don't have to eat the product of your efforts :0)
I made 75 sets of cake pops last night.

I used the paper straws as sticks again.  That will be a must from now on.  Not only are they so very adorable, but I really think the cake balls stay on the straws better than on sticks!  Who would-a thunk?

I admit I was a little worried about using blue almond bark for fall pops, but in the end, I LOVE the colors.  I dipped one pop in each set in a burnt umber color and sprinkled them with fall leaf sprinkles {purchased at Micheals}.  The other pop in each set was dipped in a blue bird blue almond bark and drizzled with milk chocolate and the burnt umber almond bark.  This little project is getting me in the mood for Thanksgiving!!!  Speaking of Thanksgiving...I need to start my grocery list!!!  Nothing like waiting until the last minute when it comes to a big family gathering :0)  Good luck to you with your preparations!!!! 
May your Thanksgiving be delicious...
and crafty :0)  {we should always find a way to sneak that in, right?}

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