Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Summer Goals Quickly Depleted

I had several goals for the fabulous summer around the end of May.  So many fond hours I spent those last days of school, dreaming of the miles and piles of unfinished projects I would have completed by now.  My plans have since shrunk way down to what I hope to accomplished by Aug. 8th. 
That is when my summer will be officially over. 
Kids in Arizona start back at school when the asphalt is the absolute hottest.  That makes sense, right?  Why not make them wear school uniforms and carry huge backpacks, and why don't we force them to jump rope outside, all at 117 degrees?  It doesn't make sense to me, but I will make the most of the precious days I have left until I become school teacher again.  Above is the basket that has housed several of my crazy, dreamed up projects.  I have moved this basket from my craft room/kitchen to be hidden in my bedroom when company has come, probably 5 times since it's conception.  I have narrowed my list of summer goals to three:  1-empty this one single basket of all the unfinished projects it now holds-via finishing those projects, of course!  2-finish my pioneer quilt I started something like 6 years ago, 3-Paint the bathroom or Emmalee's bedroom wall-not all 4, just one (I wouldn't want to strain myself :0)
First, a shot of my kitchen CLEAN.  This is the last time it will look like this, until all the projects are done.  Instead it will quickly look like this...
No, this isn't mine....mine will be much worse !0)
Back to the basket... I started with the Jeans my son destroyed.  One good thing about Arizona, you only need one wardrobe when bought at the right time of year.  Buy winter clothes, then keep making them smaller and smaller as the days get hotter and hotter.
I will give you the short descriptions.. Cut and hem...
Then repeat twice. 
Next, sew buttons on to two pairs of pants belonging to the same clothing abuser, then finish two cupcake towels you really never thought you would see finished!
Final project for Friday, make a new blanket that will actually fit around your VERY large just-turned-2-year-old!  See the old blanket lovingly made by my dear cousin.
Loved the fabrics...Loved the RIC RAC!!!
New blanket-something like 2.5 times the size.  Now we have a blanket that will fit all the way around the poor child when we rock her to sleep :0)  And I get to enjoy that finished project twice a day, forever! (cause my baby won't get a touch bigger!)
Close-up of the monogram.  I still think this blanket needs a ruffle, but will resist drawing out the project further!  I must move forward and conquer!
Slight defunkle in my plans... seems someone didn't choose to go to sleep after that lovely rock in the rocking chair, all wrapped up in that comfy blanket.  The blanket must have been simply too dazzling to sleep in.  Instead, there was a good hour, hour and a half spent diapering monkey(who I had to point out to the a-for-mentioned 2 yr old HAS NO BUM!), followed by getting trapped by the closet doors as they came off their hinges while "someone" was emptying the closet....ahem....Moving right along...oh, by the way, dish soap works great to get A&D ointment out of faux fur :0)
OK, I admit that this project was a bit of a stretch, but when I was surrounded by cast off clothing at Goodwill a month or two ago, it seemed brilliant!
Observe...jean jacket, orange men's dress shirt, orange and blue striped men's dress shirt...
A little off here...
A lot off there...
And you have a skirt I really kind of LOVE!  This is all you get 'cause I am not really finished yet, but just couldn't wait to show you what I have been up to with my loaner sewing machine!  Besides, I think this skirt needs some kind of belt or something...hmmmmm...

I did bid on a sewing machine on ebay today.  I am not sure how smart that was.  I guess I will let you know more about that, and if my husband is still speaking to me, tomorrow!  Between Friday and Saturday, I made it through half of my projects.  The rest went back in the basket until next week.  Now, a little quilting!  A gal has to change things up!

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  1. I live in Georgia and work at Head Start. I return to work next week and also question the logic behind going back to school in the heat of the summer.lol. Great job finishing your projects. My list is still in my craft area barely worked on....lol


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