Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby Shower Quick Gift :0)

Look at me!  I’m Blogging again!!!  Thank you dear husband!!!  What a saint.  I am not sure how many times a computer can be resurrected before it is finally put out of it’s misery, but this computer has another thing coming if it even thinks of checking-out so soon! 

That being said, here is my project for today.  After being sick for so long I was running a little behind on my gifts for the baby shower today.  I will spare the gory details, but here is what I came up with.  

My sweet friend is expecting her first girl after years of waiting.  I wanted to give her something special to show even part of my excitement for her.  I made this personalized name plaque with an 8” piece of pine.  I painted it black, painted it lavender, then made a stencil of the name.  Once I had it cut out (I know, I should have bought a Silhouette cutting machine by now and had it do the cutting for me-next crazy money splurge ;0)  I stenciled the name on with black paint, then rough sanded the whole thing.  I had smacked up the board before painting, hitting it with screwdrivers and hammers to make it a little more random and rustic-that old-world classy look :0) 

With the sign painted, I decided it would be cute as a hairbow holder.  With all the flowers I made for the baby this morning, I figured it would be the perfect place to keep them all together.  Here are the flowers.  I used the melt-satin-circles technique for making these flowers.  The circle ones are 3-5 circles, each one slightly bigger than the last, layered on top of each other.  The bushy ones are a strip of satin, 1 ½” wide, melted on one side(I did run the other side through the flame too just to keep it from fraying).  I ran a running stitch on the end I didn’t want to show, then gathered, glued to a felt circle backing, and put the centers on.  

In the past I have been hesitant to melt too much.  I guess it is a personal preference thing, but after I saw my little cousins and how cute the melty spots were, I decided to go for it!  I really liked these.  After staring into a flame for so long you can't really see anyway.  Mommy-to-be seemed to like them more melty too :0)

The two bushy ones on the bottom were my very favorites, followed closely by Mr. Grey flower.  Mr. Grey flower was of a satin material that did not melt gracefully.  It caught on fire instantly.  The outcome was a more edgy, jagged look I really am digging.  If only I knew anything about why that one burned differently.  It came from a stash that only recently became mine so I don't know where to buy more.

Anyway, that was my project.  It seemed to go over well and was so fun and easy to make.  I love it when the parents already know the kid's name!  It makes it so much more fun to make them something!

OK, so I have TONS to show you but very little time so I will get as much on here as I can this weekend, back blogging days this week, then the rest will just have to wait til next week.  

Thanks so much for having patience with me and my cripple computer.  That is number one on my What-to-spend-the-tax-return-on list, a new computer...a fridge is number two...then just bills :0P  No fun, but still a relief!  What are you planning?  I hope it is a return and not a payment in your future :0)  Good luck and see you soon.

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  1. I am so glad you posted this. I had wanted to see what you made. Love it, I'm sure she totally loved it!!!


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