Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shrek Green! Do I Dare!?!

Well, the madness has begun.  During a very small, very short burst of energy I decided to whip out the paint brush and put a first coat on this beast of a cabinet.  I am still not sure how we will get it in the house, but it is going to make it all the way around the backyard and in my craft nook if it KILLS ME!!!

Here is what she started like.  I had been naively looking at furniture stores, pretending not only that I would one day have the money to buy a new armoire, but that they would actually sell something I liked.  I must have been going to all the wrong stores because I did not find anything painted and rustic like I was hoping for.   
I was at Goodwill on half-price Saturday when I found this.  It was normally $100, bought it for $50!!!
Considering what I was willing to pay at the furniture store, that was a steal!!!  This started out as a cabinet with the doors that open and then pushed inside.  One hinge was broken off so the pushing feature didn't work anymore.  So not a problem for me.  I will just buy hinges to mount the doors on the front and be pleased as pie!

I had to do only a small repair on the top moulding. A little wood glue, tap a few brads in to hold the moulding up there, and we were ready to sand.  I sanded down the outside, then bought paint with the primer already in it.  Paint with primer- I will have to tell  you, the kitchen I made for Emmalee out of an old desk I painted with paint that had primer in it.  It is nice to skip the step, but I don't think it is quite as quality as if you paint the primer on, then the paint.  The problem with painting them separately for this project is when you distress the furniture, the white or gray primer will show.  I finally went with the paint/primer combo again to avoid having unwanted paint colors show through.

Not to scare you or anything, but this is my disaster that is awaiting the completion of my cabinet. 
I am still so sick and all I could think about while sitting there staring was how much I would like to put all of that mess away.  That was what spurred my painting spree Thursday morning.  I painted the cabinet a color I affectionately call "Shrek Green"  Scott thinks it looks great and I should leave it this color.  I have to admit, I kind of like it and wonder if it could work.

After letting one of the doors hang-out in the room for a day to see what the color looked like in different light, I think I will go ahead with my previous plan- a little crackly and then the same cream paint as I have on my other thirft-store furniture.  I thought about going bold, then decided I would rather go "ME" :0)

While I am out here in the garage you have to see this SEXY THING!!!
My new Scroll Saw!!!  I am more than totally excited!  My new clipy business has helped up pay some bills, but now I have something totally awesome that I will totally use!  This new Dewalt saw is deeper, stronger, with a wider plate and I even sprang for the stand!!! 

Don't you just LOVE IT!!!  I can hear sexy music playing as I look at these pictures :0) 
Da-da-da-da-Da-da, Da-da (again and again)

Isn't it GORGEOUS!!!
Now if I can just get over this blasted illness and get back out in the garage!
Wish me luck.  Don't worry though, I haven't forgotten to get those photos of the dresses and skirts I made.  They are still coming :0)  Check back next week!

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  1. I LOVE it! The color will be perfect. It will be hard NOT to be creative with such a fun new cabinet in your studio!


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