Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Leaving, So Here Is Your To-Do List!!!

(photo from PickleBerryPop)
I am leaving tomorrow for my Fabulous COUSINS WeekEnd in VEGAS BABY!!!  I am terribly excited and can't wait for a break!  I won't mention that it was supposed to be a "Sister's Weekend" but they are letting me crash the party...and change the name :0)

We will apparently be eating insane amounts of delicious food (every last one of them a FABULOUS chef), bury ourselves in unfinished projects as far as the eye can see, and taking turns sprinting to the bathroom to avoid the most appalling incidents due to excessive laughter :0)

Now I just need to figure out which long awaited projects I should do.  In addition to my mile high pile of unfinished To-Do's, I found these today!!!  The photo above and the photo below come to us from one of my favorite digital scrapbooking sites, PickleBerryPop!  Click on this link, then scroll down a little ways and you will find these great projects!  I bought them BOTH for $6!!!  All that is left to do is visit the copy store!

I saw this at KoJo Designs a while back and finally found the jersey sheets necessary to make it!!!  Do I dare!?!  It would take up a lot of the time...I may use it as my last project and finish it at home.

A good hour of my day was spent looking at patterns on the site You Can Make  I LOVE the site!  You can check it out HERE.  I have purchased a couple skirt and tie patterns.  It is actually where I got my first twirl skirt and hairbow patterns that started all of this MADNESS!  The patterns are fabulous with tons of full color photos!  Above is the Miss Madeline Peasant Dress.  I have had my eye on this pattern for forever!  Maybe I should finally bite the bullet and buy it!

Same site, then there is this Rosetta Ruffle Bag.  How cute is that!?!  Apparently the pattern has a small, med. and large pattern included!  You be I would be going for the LARGE!  I always over pack.  Oh yeah, Hey Cousins!  I hope you realize I have packed HALF my HOUSE!!!

Lastly, I tracked down this Campfire felt food kit from Sugar Pie Bakery.  Her pattern was also on  I have been thinking about this for our centerpieces for the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet.  I know it would be totally CRAZY because I would have to make like 14 sets :0)  But wouldn't it be so fun on the tables!?!  The boys can take them home!  Maybe one per family.  You know I have just TONS of extra time, right?

Now, while I am gone, here is what you have on your To-Do list by the time I get back... 
Throw an AMAZING party for your kids like Ashley from Cute As A Fox...

Make a fresh batch of THESE for me from the recipe at SisterStuff

Someone take this Fabulous book of experiments from A Lemon Squeezy Home, make it Harry Potter themed, and email it to me for Eli's birthday in a couple weeks...

Paint my family on a set of these little guys...found at Eighteen25 ...

Make up all twenty thousand ideas for in the car found at Delicious Ambiguity...

Don't forget to make me a personalized calendar, with monthly themes like I found at Clean and Scentsible ...
And last, but not least, a set of hearts from The Wood Connection for my mantle :0)

You better get busy!  You have a lot to do by Monday!!!

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  1. Oh those felt campfires would be so cute at Blue and Gold. I'd help!!!!


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