Thursday, January 6, 2011

For My Birthday

So, my birthday was last week, and while this has very little to do with crafts,
I LOVE my new Waffle Cone Maker and wanted to show it off. 
My darling husband has known I wanted a waffle cone maker for YEARS and
decided to spoil me with my very own. 
He found it on Amazon.  If anyone asks, you heard it somewhere else, they run about $50 (the main reason we have not owned one up until this week).  
 Amazon also sells a darling maker that makes 4 mini waffle cones-next year’s list :0) 
He also got a package of mix, around $14 on Amazon, but the maker comes with recipes if you want to make your own.

We swiftly set about using the little machine.  I made my first waffle and couldn't help but try a bowl.  I have some small ceramic bowls.  I laid the waffle on top of one bowl, then pressed another bowl-same size- on top.  Here is what I got...
Will ya look at that!  Someone trying to swipe my waffle bowl before I can even take a picture!!!
That would be the 2 yr old.  Who can blame her :0)

Here, here is a picture... 
I am so amazed at how easy it is to make one of these!  They turned out GREAT and taste even better!

Next up was to make the actual cone.  It has been said that the cones are very difficult to make.  I did a fairly good job on the first, the second had a little bit of a hole at the bottom.  I have found the included directions for rolling very useful.  You are supposed to lay the fresh, hot waffle on a kitchen towel.  Line the wide end of the forming cone with the outside edge of the waffle.  Use the towel as a hot pad when rolling the waffle around the cone.  Then pinch the pointy end of the waffle to make a seal.  

Finished product... 
What the!?!  Fingers again!!!  This time the 9yr old!  No eating 'til Mommy gets her PICTURES!!!

There.  That is better.  Yumm.  You know, this reminds me, I haven't had one yet today...
I have something to do :0)
Gotta Go!  Bye!!!

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  1. Oh, now you have to show them filled YUUUMMM, $50 holy cow, who would have thought!



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