Saturday, January 29, 2011

Job Chart for the 2 Yr Old :0)

I realized my little darling was ready for a more responsibility so I decided to make her a job chart.  As you can see by the outfit change, we weren't able to get all the photos in one day, but it was really fun (when she was cooperating :0)

Emmalee has always loved seeing her picture everywhere.  I thought if we put her doing all of the things she would be able to identify each task even though she can't read it.  You would not believe the interest this job chart has sparked already!!!  She gets up in the morning, sees it on the fridge and can't wait to start.  My new rule is that she has to finish all the tasks before she can watch a show.  What a motivator!  Actually, she has been quite side-tracked and forgets all about the shows most mornings :0)  That makes me happy.

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