Friday, January 7, 2011

New Clips

Here are the rough drafts for my most recent order. 
I still need a label on the colored pencil box.  I added puff paint scribbles to the felt piece of paper after I took this picture so you will have to see that later.  I cut the tape dispenser out of 1/2" wood, modge podged the label on, and strung a thin strip of plastic across it for the tape.  The pencil sharpener was also cut out of 1/2" wood, painted and then I attached the metal piece from a pack of plastic sharpeners I got at the dollar store.  The pencil cup is full of pencils I made out of toothpicks.  For the cup I took a wooden pot, cut it in half, and painted.

This set was really fun to make.  The chocolate box with the lid is covered with velvet.  I made all the little chocolates out of fimo clay, baked them and glued them to tiny circles of tissue.  When that was all done, I glued them into the box.  I really had a blast making all the chocolates for the bigger heart shaped box.  I used beads on some to indent designs in the tops.  I loved the effect.  It made them look like fine chocolates you would pay a fortune for...were they a little bigger :0)  
The rest were made using miniatures I purchased, except for the chocolates on the silver tray.  I made those while playing chocolatier as well :0)
These sets were mostly stickers and miniatures as well.  I actually love those kids of clips because I can make them very fast with not a moment standing in front of the saw :0) 

I had to show you this set because, while there are several made with stickers, I made the flute out of clay!  Watch as I pat myself on the back.  My internet was down on that particular day so I couldn't look at any photos online.  Otherwise, it would have been a little more detailed, but I am still proud of it :0)  The paint on the paint pallets was made using puff paint.  The one on the left I actually made the brush myself.  I painted a toothpick to look like a brush, then glued on bristles from one of my old paintbrushes.

Lastly, these Hello Kitty clips were all cut out of wood, painted, then had the stickers modge podged on for security.  I am in love with the spiral notebooks.  They are just so cute!  I think they look even better in person:0)

Anyway, making clippies is how I account for all of my spare time, and some.  Are you sitting there thinking, "I could so do that, but cuter!"  Fabulous!  I want you to join my team of designers!!! 
I have a couple international customers just DYING for more clips.  I simply can't keep up!
If you are up for the challenge, drop me a line.  You don't need to paint.  They are interested in every kind of school-related design in whatever medium can be glued to a clip!  They are particular fans of felt.
If you have ideas there is money to be made!!!
I will be picky...and honest... if there are designs I don't think my customers will be interested in.  However, when the ideas are good, the job pays well.  It is the first time in my entire life I have ever been paid for my time!
My email is:
I promise, it will be more worth your time than any local craft fair you could ever loose all your sleep to :0)
Work at home at the time of day (or night) that works for you.
I can't wait to hear from you!

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  1. WOW! You continue to ahhhmaze me with your talent! These are fantastic!! Good luck finding someone to help you out. I'm not sure your talent can be matched! I can make a mean bow but this is way out of my league! Awesome job!



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