Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big Weekend In Vegas!!!

This is a shot of my messy table at our big crafting weekend last week.  I had SUCH a blast!!!  In exactly 48 hours of no children I was able to complete 7 sets of skirts, 2 apron dresses, 1 ruffle curtain, one ruffle seat cover, a flash-back to the 80's heart skirt, and worked on a valentine banner using a very steamy romance book I picked up from Goodwill.  I will have more on all of these projects later.  Unfortunately I also managed to pick up a bug that has landed me in bed for the entire week following :0)  I still hold true to my statement that it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!! 
I just have to say that Candice's house was absolutely adorable!!! 
The perfect relaxing setting for our sew-fest!

Here is that ruffle curtain.  I started this baby Friday night as project number 2. It took me until 2 am to finish.  I used 3 pink sheets-just enough for one side of the curtain.  I haven't decided if I will get more and do another side.  Emmalee's window in her bedroom is right next to the wall so I might actually work to use just one panel :0)  I will get photos of it up as soon as I have the strength to hang it :0)

Sneak Peek at my ruffle seat cover!!!  I am SO excited at how this turned out!!!  I am planning to make one for every chair in the house!  Finished photo later, but this project took 4 black t-shirts.  I need to go to Joann's and see how much it would cost to buy yardage for the project.  It just might be cheaper. 

I was super nervous about this man's dress shirt I was converting into a dress.  It was so incredibly that, a man's dress shirt I wasn't sure there was hope. 

However, once I shirred and cut out the pattern I was in love.  I put the buttons down the back this time.  I still have to make it to the store to buy buttons, again, when I feel better.  I kinda wish I would have left the dress like this.  It would have been a very dainty sundress.  I added an apron and embellishments.  More photos to follow...

This quilt was so not mine, and only one of the many that touched the tile floor for piecing or quilting.  My cousin made this.  She promised me the pattern and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Again, not mine, but How Cute Is That!!!  I did try and "stick" this pin cushion in my bag, but only managed a photo before it was taken back :0(  How cute!  I love the fabrics.  This is definitely a step up from my butter container I use for pins :0) 

My cousin's cute little daughter made three of these skirts.  I would like to claim them since it WAS my ruffle foot that ruffled that tulle, but I guess that probably doesn't count.  The skirts turned out SO CUTE and I was particularly in LOVe with the cute little fabric flowers she put on the skirts. 

Mads and I love to make the melted fabric flowers, but I have always made them as individual petals or circles.  These were made with a strip of fabric, melted then ruffled.  They turned out SO CUTE!!!

Lastly I had to put this armoire on here.  I was just enamored with the thing.  Mostly because I have a much less interesting armoire at home awaiting my decision on how to paint it.  If this would have fit in my rental car I would have taken it home :0)

I have so many cute projects to show you.  As soon as I can stand up long enough to get photos I will be just wait!  You will be as shocked as I am at how much I got done with 48 straight hours of kid-less bliss!

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