Friday, April 18, 2014

Autograph Cards Revisited

Per an email request, I made up some Frozen character cards to add to the Disney Autograph Card set I have available for free download!!!

I am still passionately in love with the movie, the characters, the songs!
You want autograph cards to go with everything else?  No problem ;0}

My sister went to Disney World last month.  She informed me that Anna and Elsa were at Disney World over Christmas as characters you could meet and get autographs from.  After the surprising demand to see them did not diminish at all over the months, Anna and Elsa are now there until further notice awaiting your visit!  

My little niece had the biggest obsession with the movie, so my sister went to Epcot before the park opened, ran the whole way to the spot where the princesses were to be, and still ended up waiting 2.5 hours to see them.  Crazy lady!  For all you devoted Frozen fans out there, here are your new autograph cards.

I know I need a couple more characters in my collection, but I made my autograph cards long before I had ever been to Disney World myself.  I will add updating the other characters to my list when our Easter celebration is over.  Until then, let it go, and go watch frozen again!

Oh, so three versions based on which Anna you want.  All cards are available for download HERE from my dropbox file!!!

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