Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I See Grass!!!!

Whoot, whoot!  I see grass in my yard!!!  It seemed like a distant memory slowly blurring into a dream, but, at last, there really is grass beneath all that frozen white-ish goodness!

I better get my spring decorations up.  This new spring sign for my porch shutter went up today.  

It would have been just as cute inside on a mantel or something, but then my shutter would be left all naked and that just doesn't seem decent.

I cut all of these pieces on my scroll saw.  They were all cut from 1/4" mdf, painted, sanded, then glued together.  I drilled a small hole at the top of each letter, then simply strung them together on the same long wire, 16 gauge.

I simply adore the grass.  It was a bugger to cut out.  It could have been worse though.  I stacked up four pieces of the 1/4" mdf, taped them together, and then cut four pieces of grass with one cut.  With that much mdf in the stack, it takes a big longer than if I were just cutting one piece, but nowhere near the time it would take to cut four individual pieces of grass.  The grass is pretty detailed, so you either need to be experienced at wood cutting, or in the very lease, insanely patient to get it cut out, but the end result is totally worth it!

I put my spring sign right next to my very own Sir Hops-A-Lot.  What a fun scene to come home to.  
I am so excited for spring!

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