Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Skirting Through The Week- Day 3

Skirt number three!  I love this one.  A sucker for pink and brown am I.  The brown fabric is the one that came from my stash.  It says all sorts of warm fuzzy words about family and happiness, blessed by the addition of classic bicycles and sweet little hearts.  I had a heck of a time finding fabric to go with it though.  

Even with all of my hours spent walking the isles I just couldn't settle on anything in particular.  I found that pendant fabric, and the coral circle print, falling in love with both.  I actually bought them for different skirts, but a couple days later as the fabric was piled on my table I started to see this combination.  I found replacements for the other skirts and stitched these three together.

I knew they could be a bit busy together...but so are Emmalee and a good twirl skirt!  Once I asked her to twirl for a picture, she just kept on twirling.

This skirt is made by three rows of equal height.  Basically, I take the girlie's waist measurement and add 5-10" to make it last longer.  That length is what I cut the first row at.  For the second row, you double the length, and again, for the third row, double the amount you figured for the second row.  Gathered and sewn together, if you double as you work down the skirt you will achieve full twirl.  Twirl it baby!

I like that there are so many colors in the print it's self.  While I stuck with white to match all the skirts I photographed that afternoon, all the pretty colors lend to matching plenty of different shirts.  That makes this skirt a favorite when I am a week behind on laundry ;0}  We are pretty much guaranteed to find at least one shirt at the bottom of the barrel that will match decently enough to scoot this girl off to school!  A total hit with me!!!

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