Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dudley Do-Right Peggie Set

Dudley Do-Right and his fellow Canadian Mounties ALWAYS get their man!  
They have certainly captured my heart.  This little crew turned out so much cuter than I had hoped.  Seriously, the pictures don't even do them justice.  

Here is a nother look.  Just like the Rocky & Bullwinkle set I used the Ceramic Stucco to add dimension to the hair and to Dudley's chin.  You can't have a proper Dudley Do-Right without his manly, strong cleft chin!!!

Dudley Do-Right!  We need you!

Do-Right, there's a fiend running loose in northern Canada.  

A fiend, Inspector?  

Yes, a fiend who goes about Canada tying defenseless women to railroad tracks!  

A rope-tying fiend is at large and should be brought in at once!

And remember Constable Do-Right, a Canadian Mountie ALWAYS gets his man!

Meanwhile somewhere else...Snidely Whiplash, you will never win!

Be quiet and let me tie you to that track over there.

Here, here! You oughtn't to do a thing like that: going around tying defenseless people to railroad tracks.

Curses! Foiled again.

Nell are you alright?  I am always willing to help a citizen in need.

Thanks for rescuing me, but I hate to tell you, I would rather kiss your horse!

But WHY Nell???
Because you are simply too good, Dudley Do-Right!

OK, so I changed a few things, but guess what?  When the show goes down at your own house, you get to make up the story ;0}

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