Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Skirting Through The Week- Day 2

Today's skirt is a lovely Froggy number, boasting mostly green tones with just a touch of dainty pink.  We went for a full twirl with this skirt.  There is plenty of fabric there to achieve a full take off ;0}

Emmalee loves her froggy skirt.  When wearing it, her days are spent hopping from one couch to another, one sidewalk square to another, and dare I say, eventually, from one of mom's nerves to another.  Regardless, she loves her ribbity skirt and I love her.

I do NOT always love using her to model my creations though.  I mentioned this not too long ago.  Just to reiterate, here is how this particular photo shoot went down... 
Me:  "Cute Ems.  Can you smile just a little more?..."

Emmalee:  "Like this Mom?"

Me:  "OH Yes.  Um, that is lovely.  Maybe just a tad less with the eyes..."

Emmalee:  "Wike dis Mum?"

Me:  "Wow.  Ok, ok.  Sweety, how about you smile like you just got a big ice cream cone?"

Emmalee:  "But did you get that picture Mom?  I wanna see it!  I wanna see it!"

Me:  "When we are through.  Skirt...Stand over there...No, no...*click* weird face number 12...*click* sexy eyes number 6..*click* again with the curtsy..."  

Six new grey hairs later...
Me:  "Ok.  I think that is enough.  There is surely one picture in there we can use.  Sooooo, let's get ready for school!"

I love the kid.  She does drive me crazy, but at least I have her here to do the driving of the craziness.  Otherwise, I would have no one to blame for my insanity, and eventually, you would realize it was all me from the very beginning ;0}


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