Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kentucky Derby Cake Pop Stand

I love it when I get custom orders and the customers let me play around a bit with the theme.  I had a request a couple weeks ago for a cake pop stand that would hold 24 pops and was in the shape of a horseshoe.  After calculating out where the holes would be places, the horseshoe would have to be pretty large to hold 24 pops, so the customer and I settled on this plan.  I would make a stand that would simply have the design standing behind the stand.  

I did a little searching for what the Kentucky Derby was all about in the first place.  Eventually I made up a couple samples of what we could put behind the stand.  These are just a few...

Hat???  Please like the hat!

This one I totally loved too.

In keeping with the horseshoe theme, my very patient customer settled on this one.  She said her 24 cake pops were going to be in the shape of roses and she thought this layout would be great for the pops.

Here is my actual wood version!  I am a pretty proud mama.  I know you are probably thinking "no big deal", but this stand stressed me out a bit.  I have thought for a long time about a pop stand that had changeable decor, but had not gone as far as to figure out how to make it work.  

Well, I used a hunk of wood that was about 2" too wide, cut that 2" off in a straight line, cut a groove into the 2" strip to fit my horseshoe piece, then wood glued and brad nailed the 2" strip back onto the wooden block.  The horseshoe piece fit perfectly!  
I painted the whole saw-dusted disaster and

Kentucky Derby Cake Pop Stand!  Love it!

Now I can't wait for an excuse to make a birthday or baby shower stand the same way.  The possibilities are endless!


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