Saturday, April 12, 2014

Skirting Through the Week #6

Favorite Skirt of the Batch!!!  I totally love this one.  I love the double skirt thing, the flower, and the popsicles.  Who doesn't smile at the sight of popsicles?

I did not intend to pull the popsicle fabric up to expose this under skirt.  Had I known, I would have used a fun patterned fabric or just done the chevron all the way up.  I thought I would save some money and use a strip of this sheet I cut up and have sitting next to me.  Cut up sheets are a very soft, comfy way to save a few bucks on under-fabrics.  Oh well.  I still love the skirt.  

I made the flower by taking a 4" scrap of the chevron, ironing it in half the long way, then stitched a wide, sloppy running stitch with a thick piece of button thread down the length of the folded strip.  I pulled the thread just tight enough to gather the fabric a tad to give the flower some shape and personality.  Next I wound the scrap up like a cinnamon bun, slowly bunching and twisting until it looked like a proper flower.  Finally, I used my needle and thread to stitch the thing together.  I just poked it through the hole bottom where I could, through just a couple layers at a time in other places.  

When the flower was made, I used my needle and thread to gather the yellow popsicle fabric up, then secured the flower to the skirt on the same thread.

As you can see here, I made the yolk just like the other skirts, only slightly longer, then gathered the under skirts on top of the yolk.  You will laugh when I tell you this, but I actually sewed the popsicle {right side} to the sheet {white sheets don't really have right-sides, but wrong side}, sewed them together, then flopped the fabric so the seam was on the inside, then gathered the both of the skirts to the yolk.  When I gathered the skirts and sewed them on, it encased the seam so there was no need to surge that skirt-to-skirt seam ;0}
Yep, worked like a charm!

Maybe I should make one for just kidding.  That would look terrible, but this little skirt on my little Emmers, ADorABLE!

Sick of life?  Go make a skirt tonight.  After you scream and yell from misplaced stitches, goofed-up cutting, and one thousand will end up having a blast.  Really.  Just try it!

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